Chapter 2.26 – Prosperity

Epilogue – David and Ciara enjoy a time of prosperity together in the house overlooking the beach. David has reached his lifetime wish of becoming a World Renowned Surgeon. They have saved enough simoleons to build expansions onto their home. It is still modest compared to the mansions surrounding it. But in comparison to the log cabin where David grew up, it is relative palace.   Ciara’s frantic phone call from Africa was the catalyst for this period of peace and quiet. She poured out her heart during that conversation, crying to Bebe how she could not spend another single day without … Continue reading Chapter 2.26 – Prosperity

Chapter 2.25 – Babies

David has the weekend off and spends it with Ciara, making up for much lost time.   Their bond is reforged easily, as they pick up right where they left off many years ago. Like David, Ciara also loves the outdoors, so they spend their first day together hiking to the remote areas of Sunset Valley. The conversations all seem to focus on family. She tells him that she wants to fill up the house with babies; which he takes as a not-so-subtle hint that she’d like him to get things moving.   When David visited France, he had purchased … Continue reading Chapter 2.25 – Babies

Chapter 2.24 – Homecoming

A week has passed since Bebe spoke to David about her visitor, and David is happy to see his mother so energetic.   Bebe has not been the same since Julian’s death, but he can see the sparkle in her eyes return as she works to get a spare bedroom ready for her house guest. David has been assuming her guest was either an old boyfriend, or would-be boyfriend. Bebe’s amusement is evident when she reassures him that it is nothing of that nature, and that it is just an old friend who needs a place to stay. David knows … Continue reading Chapter 2.24 – Homecoming

Chapter 2.23 – Boarder

David and Maria try to assemble something of a relationship in the days following their date at the bistro. But both eventually agree that it just isn’t written in the stars for either of them, and decide to keep things simple with the friendship they have built. In the absence of having a girlfriend, David fills his time with studying medical journals and playing chess to sharpen his mind. He still has a tendency to get over-excited in tense situations, but his studies have taught him how to recognise when he’s getting antsy. As a result of his hard work, … Continue reading Chapter 2.23 – Boarder

Chapter 2.22 – Drinks

Bebe, Yuki, and David mourn the loss of Julian with a private funeral on the beach where he passed. Yuki takes the loss especially hard. She unloads her regret that she had never really been close to her father. For the first time in her life, she expresses her belief that Julian avoided her because of his guilt. Yuki has known all along that she was the product of an affair between him and Pauline Wan. While Bebe never spoke of any ill will, Yuki felt the awkwardness of the situation between her and Julian. Bebe had raised, taught, and … Continue reading Chapter 2.22 – Drinks

Chapter 2.21 – Alone

An impoverished village somewhere in Africa: Locals have embraced a young nun who gave up everything from her former life to fight for those unfortunate souls who live on the brink of death. In the years since her arrival, she has worked to secure a simple school for the children, a small clinic for the sick, and a humble shelter for the homeless.  And while she is celebrated for her selfless charity, there is an emptiness about her that is felt by all those whose lives she has touched. On the night she disappeared from the village, it is rumored that she was visited … Continue reading Chapter 2.21 – Alone

Chapter 2.20 – Madness

David and Kacey arrive at the mine entrance and can hear Reid laboring inside. Kacy is still spooked by the feeling of dread that is hovering around her and she clings to David as they make make their way carefully into the maze of broken beams and fallen rubble. David can see a light ahead through gaps in the fallen boulders. A rhythmic clanking sound echoes through the impossibly narrow entrance. Reid seems to be chipping away at the already unstable cavern walls. Their careful navigation in almost total darkness takes quite awhile as they try to avoid disturbing the creaking wooden … Continue reading Chapter 2.20 – Madness

Chapter 2.19 – Accusations

Julian and Bebe offer their polite congratulations to David and Kacey after announcing the engagement.   David has always assumed that his parents came to dislike Kacey after they found she was sneaking into the house to be with him when they were both teens. Yuki was never shown that particular skeleton in the closet, so she is excited to have Kacey as her future sister. But his parents clearly, were still not keen on the idea. He wished he knew what it was about her that still bothered them. David had wanted to invite Reid over to share the … Continue reading Chapter 2.19 – Accusations

Chapter 2.18 – Emotion

Bebe insists on a small celebration for her birthday. She wants to be with family rather than a big crowd of people, as she delicately states, to become an old battleaxe.   The four of them spend the evening by the fire talking about good times of the past. Both Julian and Bebe share stories about their own childhoods. Bebe talks a lot about playing around the old cabin as a little girl. David is somewhat surprised that he shares such a common childhood with his mother. He too spent most of his childhood playing on the bluff overlooking the … Continue reading Chapter 2.18 – Emotion

Chapter 2.17 – Time

Author’s note: The time-crunch that happens during this post spans somewhere in the neighborhood of two or three years. It is key to understand that David is not doing well during this time. — David finds himself back home in Sunset Valley feeling unsure of what he should do next. Ciara spent the better part of two days with him sightseeing. It was just like it used to be. But the time goes far too quickly for them to savor any of it. While David respects the conviction to her faith, he has some difficulty comprehending it. Her choice to sacrifice … Continue reading Chapter 2.17 – Time

Chapter 2.16 – Reunion

The flight to Paris is long, and David’s nervousness about the reunion makes it even longer.   He brought a few medical books he has to study for his job interview at the hospital. The sooner he can get out of bedpan cleaning, the better. The jet touches down and David is taken by taxi to the resort where he is staying. It is a beautiful city with more to see than he can fit in this trip. His first stop is a visit to one of the more upscale shopping locations to purchase gifts for his ladies. The gifts … Continue reading Chapter 2.16 – Reunion

Chapter 2.15 – Heartache

David has been an interesting sim to play. His traits (Loves the Outdoors, Excitable, Angler, Great Kisser, Easily Impressed) do not really reveal any glaring character flaws, but I have come up with a few neat little quirks. Angler is the family trait. Paired with Loves the Outdoors, David just loves to hike, fish, and explore. I have used Excitable and Easily Impressed together to form slight flaw. David is gullible, naive, and is easily swayed into going along with whatever his friends ask him to do. He normally plows headlong into these situations without thinking of the consequences. He … Continue reading Chapter 2.15 – Heartache

Chapter 2.14 – Ancestors

David’s birthday arrives too fast for Julian. It seems like just yesterday that Bebe first took him to the cabin on the bluff. He recalls the night of his own birthday, when David was conceived. That night changed his life, and now David was entering into manhood. But he just cannot find the happiness through his concern over what he has seen unfold.   The usual suspects are present for David’s birthday. There is his best friend, Reid, who is something of an social misfit, and his ever-present sister Kacey. Reid is scary smart. And Julian gets the sense that he is … Continue reading Chapter 2.14 – Ancestors

Chapter 2.13 – Reckless

David starts to become nervous as Kacey’s late night visits occurr more and more frequently.   She seems to thrive on the danger of getting caught more than she does on seeing David. But her nighttime excursions always seem to find her crawling through David’s bedroom window. He reminds himself that it could be somebody else’s window, or worse. David knows that despite the thrill she seems to get from sneaking out, she would not risk the consequences for any other reason.   Then the morning comes when they both become a little too reckless for their own good. Kacey comes over very late. She … Continue reading Chapter 2.13 – Reckless

Chapter 2.12 – Affections

Yuki finishes her first day of school and sees David sitting alone on the playground. She darts to the playground and climbs the side of the tower with ease to hang out with her brother.   Having spent so much time with Bebe and David in her formative years has given her an acute sense of empathy. And she can sense that David has been working through some kind of problem. She also knows that there has been some kind of problem with her mom and dad as well. But while the empathy is there, she is still a child and … Continue reading Chapter 2.12 – Affections