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In which an ordinary family finds itself at the center of an enigmatic confrontation between two malign forces; each vying to eliminate the other, with little regard for the consequences of either succeeding.
Aug 20, 2017 – Van and Benita’s relationship begins to flourish after their date at the bistro. Meanwhile, Information regarding the shooting deaths in Pleasantview goes public and raises difficult questions for Governor Taxmoore and his ilk. Big things are on the horizon for our embattled couple, but for now, they get to enjoy a little bit of hard-earned rest and relaxation.
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In which an aging ideologue and artist learns about his responsibility of completing a masterpiece started many generations before, but must first overcome frightening odds in a bid to piece together his shattered life.
In which a young man and his adversarial companion survive a global extinction event to travel together on foot away from the rapidly crumbling remnants of society, while battling against an inexorable madness that threatens to consume them both.
In which a unique, seemingly immortal woman uncovers an ancient mystery while seeking the meaning of her existence; all the while struggling to understand that she is its only solution…