Homing Sense

Daylight breaks before Cedar rests. She has not stopped moving since her flight from the insects and has been traveling at a near-running pace for what feels like an eternity. She has no idea which direction she moved, how fast she was moving, nor any sense of how much time has transpired. She had lost track of the follower soon after escaping. Worse, she left her companion behind to die alone. If not for an almost instinctual homing sense that had surfaced as she ran, attempts to bury her fear and guilt would have been impossible. The dull, audible “hiss” … Continue reading Homing Sense

Desiree Character Concept

Desiree (Dez) is the one character in Nash Must Learn with whom Nash has the most history, the strongest emotion, and the deepest contention. Readers are introduced to Dez shortly after the opening segment where she and Nash are reunited for the first time in several years following a bitter fight. They are cousins and have fond memories of growing up together. Her attempts to act sunny and blithe are short-lived during the sentimental encounter as her emotions spill over upon seeing him again. Much of the story will revolve around or involve Desiree in some way. Nash must learn … Continue reading Desiree Character Concept