So Much Time, So Little to see…

Wait a minute! …strike that. Reverse it. Thank you.

As it turns out, a span of three weeks slips past rather quickly. I haven’t forgotten about the blog. On the contrary, I have enjoyed spending time with Cedar and the characters in her world. The problem is that creating a visual representation of that world inside of DAZ is a rather time-consuming task, especially with competing priorities such as house and yard work, kids’ stuff, and my gainful employment. I’ve probably compounded the issue by making a point to only use legacy Poser content I’ve bought from the DAZ store for this project. It’s inexpensive and can often be found on sale for under $1 US. But it does require quite a bit of finagling in the app to load and render properly.

So far, I have only used content from “Generation 4” models, which include Michael 4, Victoria 4, plus Stephanie, Freak, The Girl, Aiko …all 4’s. Thanks to some of the advanced tools in Daz (mesh subdivision, smoothing, and dForce modifiers, Iray Uber shaders), fitting clothes and accessories to these models and making them look decent in Iray is much easier than in previous iterations. All that takes time and attention span, both of which I lack.

Here’s a teaser for my upcoming post, “Demon Tribe”. The post will introduce a few new characters to the story. I still have a couple minor characters to create and prepare for posing and rendering, plus the creation of one setting for an outdoor scene.

From left to right,

Mehetabel is the leader of a small party of women from Cedar’s village who went out seeking help from the nomads after Cedar failed to return home. Mehetabel is an older woman in her late forties or early fifties. She despises the nomads’ practice of mandatory reproduction and their proscription of homogeneous coupling. She is unusual in that she possesses fair skin and blonde hair. Her birthplace is unknown.

Rihas is a skilled and respected scout and unofficial leader of the nomad tribe that found Mehetabel and her party wandering the Hinterlands. Rihas is quiet and contemplative, preferring to do a thing rather than talk about it. He has five children from two mates who were lost to violence twelve cycles(years) ago. He continues to grieve for his lost mates. Rihas is thirty-five cycles old.

Tamah is a well-respected empath and healer from Cedar’s village. She is cheerful and bright but is starting to feel stifled within the village. Her secret dream of bearing children is drifting out of reach now that she is approaching forty cycles old and the barren years.

Imnah and Japhia are both children of Rihas. His oldest and youngest children, respectively. Imnah is close to participating in a ceremonial custom celebrating adulthood and fertility. Japhia is twelve and is beginning to show signs of possessing a stout empathic trait.

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