Finding Cedar

I’ve been very motivated about working on Cedar’s story lately and have some really good ideas brewing in the back of my mind. We left Cedar in a particularly suspenseful, unresolved predicament at the conclusion of the previous post, leaving readers wondering whether Ceder survived or succumbed to the river’s current. Unfortunately, we won’t find out what happens to her right away, as the narrative shifts to some new characters who will be introduced into the story.

Several women from the Village of Sensitives have ventured out into the Hinterlands seeking any nomadic folk who would assist with searching for a missing resident whom they believe has strayed alone into the Graves. Without the guidance of experienced scouts, any search would only end in disaster. Will the nomads help? Why risk the village’s few remaining able-bodied women to locate a single individual? These questions, among others, must be answered by the contingent before the shrewd and charismatic nomad leader will consider endangering his own people.

Here’s a sneak peek of three new major characters we will meet in the next post. I still have a lot of work designing characters, writing content, and building scenes. I should hope to have something out over the long weekend.


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