Barimen Legacy

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Julian has drifted into Sunset Valley in search of nothing more than easy pickings from the local mansions. But what he doesn’t realize is that this quiet town on the ocean was the place where his story began. Julian begins to discover what he has stepped into, and what it means for him and his future.
David Barimen begins to uncover an old secret kept through the generations of his paternal grandmother. He learns that it is somehow tied to the land overlooking the sea. He has inherited the legacy that ended with his grandmother’s death. How far is he willing to go to learn the family secret for himself? More importantly, is this a secret he is better off not knowing?
Mark Barimen is a living dichotomy. At his core, he is a genuinely good person who is fiercely loyal and principled to a fault. But his virtuous nature is masked by the veil of his morose and unsociable manner. These hidden virtues will be put to the test as he begins to uncover the lore surrounding the land his family has possessed through the generations; and face those who will attempt to keep him from learning the truth behind the legacy. Mark will eventually have to choose which of his opposing natures will serve him best as the events of his life unfold.
Hope Barimen lives a charmed life. Her friendly and outgoing personality drives an insatiable social lifestyle. On the surface, she appears to be a young woman living the good life, as she is so entitled. But beneath the bubbly and carefree persona is a gullable girl surrounded by sims who cling to the wealthy heiress, pushing her further down a path of self-indulgence and away from the accountability to which family has so carefully adhered.
Faith Barimen has every opportunity to bask in her wealth and fortune, and live in the lap of luxury. But fame and notoriety is not her calling. Rather, it is the call to help others less fortunate that drives her spirit. Coupled with an uncanny technological savvy and an ultra-competitive nature, Faith is a unique sim on all accounts. It is this combination of characteristics that opens the door for her to meet a sim possessing incredible skill. Together, they uncover an evil plot that has been in motion for many generations; and they save the only other sim alive who can stop it from succeeding.
Since the day he was born, Ben Barimen has had a foreboding feeling that the world around him is slowly disappearing. Is Ben crazy? Or does he possess a uniquely keen insight into an event that shook the cosmos? With his family in disarray, and the world seemingly evaporating into nothingness, Ben must work to prove that he is, indeed, sane. The problem is that the sim who needs convincing the most, may be himself.
Born into extreme wealth, and gifted with both intelligence and beauty, Amber Barimen possesses the potential for greatness. But it is a curious ability she possesses, that drives her spirit more than the promise of becoming a powerful heiress. Her unusually high aptitude for quickly mastering new skills feeds an endless thirst for knowledge. Combined with an almost supernatural ability to notice any small detail that is out of the ordinary, her senses will lead her on a quest to learn about the wickedness in her family’s distant past. But her emotional attachment to uncovering the identity of a mysterious man who can answer her burning questions, also leaves her feeling confused and detached about her most personal feelings and desires. It is a weakness her enemies will exploit with deadly results.
Hunted by a mysterious aggressor for generations, the Barimen family has endured its share of tragedy. But the hunters become the hunted when a young Barimen is born, possessing superhuman stamina and abilities. But for all his gifted powers, Luke Barimen struggles in relationships; especially his romantic ones. Navigating these challenges may prove to be even more important to the survival of the legacy than enduring any attack mounted by the enemy. And when Luke finds he must make a decision between two loves, the fallout may be more than he is capable of managing.

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