So there you have it. The Barimen Legacy has finally played out to the end. I wrote the very first words of the legacy, “Meet Julian”,  on October 10, 2009. Looking back, my catalyst for the blog was a story named “Alice and … Continue reading Afterthoughts

Chapter 9.9 – Inferno

It is a universal truism that any confrontation in any schoolyard, will immediately attract a throng of vocal and rebellious kids itching to see a fight.   And when this fails to happen one afternoon after school, Adam realizes there is something very, very wrong. Adam had been discussing his birthday with friends after dismissal.   It took less than a minute for them to scatter after Noah overheard this, and pushed his way through; leaving he and Adam face-to-face, alone in the schoolyard. It was as though Sunset Valley had held its breath. Not a bird was left chirping, and not … Continue reading Chapter 9.9 – Inferno