Reluctant Angel

Those who have followed this blog for years may not be surprised to find this character making her appearance as a photoreal render. Kacey was the central character around which an entire sims legacy revolved. Her story was tragic and hopeless. I put her through a lot of misery for the sake of the plot. The premise of the Barimen Legacy was a simple one… what would “the devil” do with an angel that did not know she was an angel? In this case, Kacey was tortured and abused, then taught to deny any existence of God while being coerced to use her natural abilities to advance its own selfish agenda.

Kacey is a dark and aloof young woman who seeks answers to seemingly unsolvable questions regarding her origins. She outlives ten generations of her human family while searching for these elusive items. When her search for answers fails, she turns toward seeking companionship. In this, she also fails. Depression, confusion, and loneliness best describe Kacey’s journey throughout the saga. Eventually, she learns about the existence of another being who is the same as her. Through interactions with him and a climactic and emotional reunion with her birth mother, she finally discards layers of artificial programming, lies, and false truths to accept that she is indeed an angel.

Kacey is small-statured, frail, and weak in appearance. This was not evident in the Barimen Legacy given limitations with “the Sims” where all men and women are identical in height. I suppose the folks at Maxis were early adopters of the present genderless worldview. Setting aside EA’s leanings in the Culture War for now, what made Kacey really stand out were her brilliant blue eyes and strands of shining, aurous hair which gave the appearance of having been spun from pure silver.


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