Chapter 2.12 – Affections

Yuki finishes her first day of school and sees David sitting alone on the playground. She darts to the playground and climbs the side of the tower with ease to hang out with her brother.
Having spent so much time with Bebe and David in her formative years has given her an acute sense of empathy. And she can sense that David has been working through some kind of problem. She also knows that there has been some kind of problem with her mom and dad as well. But while the empathy is there, she is still a child and lacks the understanding of complex adult relationships.
David, who is always happy to see Yuki, cheers up instantly and asks about her day. School is a whole new concept for her. She has spent most of her life with family and has rarely been away from Bebe since before she can remember. All the kids at school seem to know about Pauline Wan being her “real” mother. And some of them seem to enjoy the cruel jokes they come up with. She knows it shouldn’t bother her, but it does.
She knows David is good for listening, so she tells him about the kids and some of the mean-spirited things they say about Pauline, Julian, Bebe, and even her. David remembers some of the same kind of grief he took when the kids labeled him “cabin boy”. He tells her about the old run-down cabin and how it made him feel to be surrounded by the huge mansions.
He encourages her to not take it personally. Some kids are just plain mean, he tells her, and that even if the situation with their father and Pauline were different, the kids would find something else to belittle. He suggests that she find the kids who don’t make fun of her, and spend time with them instead. And Yuki, being the easy-going kid she is, seems to be just fine with David’s suggestion.
As they head home, David wishes he had somebody to spill his own problems to. Ciara had mostly stopped writing from her boarding school somewhere overseas. He has also learned through local gossip that her sister, Fiona, had moved away from Sunset Valley completely. So his only real link to Ciara was gone. His parents tell him that it was “puppy love” and it will go away as soon as another girl comes along. But it hasn’t gone away.
The one thing that has kept him from jumping off the deep-end has been the amazing history of the cabin he used to live in. The founders of Sunset Valley had built the place nearly two hundred years ago. The diary he found in the Library archives speaks of some kind of “work” they did, but it was written without any reference to what the nature of the “work” actually was. With Kacey’s help, and some cooperation with the records clerk at City Hall, he has started to trace the lineage of those settlers.
He and Kacey have been “a thing” at school for a while now. And though he really likes her, they don’t share the same kind of intuitive bond he had with Ciara. He is very aware of the feelings Kacey has for him; and he has to admit that Kacey causes certain feelings within him that he has never experienced before.
Really, the best he can do is to take it a day at a time and enjoy the friends he has here, in Sunset Valley. And for the most part, he accomplishes this by soaking up Kacey’s affections. But soon, and probably too soon, this strategy leads to some clandestine evening activities.
And these activities are of a nature that could lead them both down an unhappy path should his parents or her brother Reid discover them.
Author’s Note: No virtual teenage sims were compromised during the creation of this post. All adult interactions were performed by stunt doubles.

One thought on “Chapter 2.12 – Affections

  1. Lolz..I love that authors note. XD

    David is really afflicted by Ciara’s lack of communication. I feel for him. Im thinking that Kacey is a rebound relationship that is really going fast. 0.0


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