Chapter 2.21 – Alone

An impoverished village somewhere in Africa: Locals have embraced a young nun who gave up everything from her former life to fight for those unfortunate souls who live on the brink of death. In the years since her arrival, she has worked to secure a simple school for the children, a small clinic for the sick, and a humble shelter for the homeless.  And while she is celebrated for her selfless charity, there is an emptiness about her that is felt by all those whose lives she has touched. On the night she disappeared from the village, it is rumored that she was visited by a stranger who emerged from the desert. Some say she was taken to the desert and killed by the stranger; others claim the stranger was an angel sent from Heaven to reward her for her generosity. Regardless of whether any of these rumors are true or not, one widely known fact remains; she is never seen in the village again.
David’s injuries keep him in the hospital for more than a week; their severity leaves no doubt that Reid had tried to kill him. Kacey managed to find the mine entrance alone and call for help on her broken phone. The police arrived, but were unable to gain entrance. Fort Gnome military personnel were called in with special equipment to stabilize the mine so a rescue could be staged. Soldiers were brought in to extract David and Reid. Kacey informed the police that Reid had “fallen” down the mine shaft during the fight. David was brought out alive and rushed to the hospital, but Reid was not as fortunate.
Kacey moves out to live with her mother in Sim City. She is gone before Bebe and Julian are given the opportunity to apologize to her for passing judgement. Julian takes it especially hard, as he feels he is the primary cause for the mistrust. Bebe is angry with her for not being available for David during his healing process. But based on the events that David describes, she is certain that Kacey needs healing of her own.
David comes home with only a few small scars to remind him of the incident. Kacey has not been back since that night, and he understandably is concerned about the status of their relationship. It has been nearly a month with no word from her when she finally seeks him out. She finds David fishing on the beach below the bluffs. Seeing him brings the memories flooding back, but she remains stoic and greets him with a kiss.
David knows what is coming before she begins to speak, but he does not interrupt what she had probably been practicing for days. She desperately wants to tell him that she loves him, but her lips refuse to speak the words; so she instead thanks him. He has been the one person in her life that she could always go to and know what to expect. She thanks him for being her best friend. David tries not to frown as the inevitable “but” portion of her dialogue begins.
She tells him that she can give him a list of her own personal reasons why she cannot marry him. It could have been that their intimacy together made marriage seem like a logical next step. Maybe she was just driven by fear and confusion about her mother leaving when she asked David stay committed to her. Perhaps she needs to find out who she is on her own before she settles down to marry.  Or maybe she just wants to be friends. And then there is the unbearable shame she feels knowing what David has learned about her and Reid. She admits that while valid, they would all be excuses designed to obscure the truth.
She places her open hand on his chest and tells him that she cannot marry him because his heart had already been taken by someone long before they were together. She tells him about how, as a child, when David’s grief over Ciara fell on Reid’s deaf ears, she wanted to comfort his pain. Kacey had always wanted David, but knew even then, that his heart had been claimed. She tells him that they could live a very long and enjoyable life together in a beautiful house with beautiful children. But that she would never be truly happy knowing that he if he could, he would choose another woman over her.
David strokes her silvery hair says he will respect any decision she makes. He tells her that it would be a mistake to think that he does not truly love her. He half-smiles and asks her what she is going to do. She shrugs, saying she may stay in Sim City for awhile with her mother; or she may go and find a small, quiet town to write her book. David sees that the tears she has been fighting to hold back are beginning to fall. She quickly gives him a tight hug, then runs from him; from Sunset Valley; from her memories.
He watches her and captures every detail in his mind. She has been his companion, friend, and lover… and he suspects this is the last time he will see her.  After she disappears up the hillside to the road, David heads in the opposite direction, back up the bluff to his house. Everything she said tonight is true, and she deserves more than being second choice. David climbs the steps to his bedroom, changes for bed, and goes to sleep alone.
Wake up honey, momma has to get going.
Julian stirs. The house is dark and Bebe is sound asleep next to him.
Come on, lazybones, It’s time to go…
It is time to go. He has been preparing himself for this. He leaves the note on the dresser, just as he had planned. He hopes they have fishing there.
I’ve missed you so much! And look how big you’ve gotten!
Julian takes his mother’s hand and walks with her down to the beach for one last fish.
Just like your grandfather! Always a line in the water …come on, honey. They’re waiting for us.

10 thoughts on “Chapter 2.21 – Alone

  1. Julian died a normal death in my main game, but it wasn’t nearly interesting enough. So scripted that scene using a backup copy of the game. I moved his mother’s ghost into the household. With testing cheats, you can trigger age transition. I used pause pretty heavily and took about twenty screen shots, then picked the one i liked best.
    In Chapter 1, I did pretty much the same thing to script the scene between the mother’s ghost and Julian’s father. It keeps my main game “legal” but gives me some creative license with the story.


  2. Oh no..what happened to Ciara!? heart goes out to Kacey, she went through alot and I feel sorrier for doubting her as well. As well as poor David…losing her and Reid…and Ciara..and now his father.
    And what a beautiful ending to Julians life… ^^


  3. Much more peaceful than a cloud of thunder and the Grim shouting while everyone else screams. I love the dignity in death you afforded Julian this way.


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