Chapter 2.15 – Heartache

David has been an interesting sim to play. His traits (Loves the Outdoors, Excitable, Angler, Great Kisser, Easily Impressed) do not really reveal any glaring character flaws, but I have come up with a few neat little quirks. Angler is the family trait. Paired with Loves the Outdoors, David just loves to hike, fish, and explore. I have used Excitable and Easily Impressed together to form slight flaw. David is gullible, naive, and is easily swayed into going along with whatever his friends ask him to do. He normally plows headlong into these situations without thinking of the consequences. He also tends to place his trust in people who appear to know what they are doing, regardless whether they actually do or not.
David is in a total state of inner conflict.
He had pictured in his mind that when his birthday came, Ciara would suddenly show up to end their heartache, and they would live happily ever after. But in reality, a combination time, distance, and Kacey have all contributed to confusing the situation. The day of his birthday, he wrote a letter to Ciara asking how she has been. He expressed that he’d like to see her again, but did not elaborate any further. She answered his letter in less than a week, asking him to meet her in France. She included an airline ticket, which was purchased before he sent the letter, and her address in Paris.
He should be elated, but his stomach is twisting itself in knots at the thought of explaining to Kacey that he is considering a reunion with Ciara. She made her feelings quite clear the night of his birthday when she told him that she expected him to propose to her as soon as she was old enough. Kacey never had a problem expressing herself, but she had never before been so blunt with him. She was as sharp as they came, and he wondered if the conversation wasn’t a subtle warning to him to forget about Ciara.
Having been friends with Reid for so long, David has known Kacey since she was in diapers. He thinks he loves her, and he has told her as much; but he is unsure if he is just infatuated because of their early intimacy or if there is actually something more. She has been living with Reid since he moved into his own house, making things even more awkward. With their mother gone overseas, Reid insisted on keeping her safe with him rather than letting her fend for herself in the multi-family unit where they grew up.
David finds Bebe painting in the yard while Julian is at the beach fishing and Yuki is at school. He asks her if she has a few minutes to talk. This is unusual for David, so Bebe immediately puts down her brushes and asks what is on his mind. David had always been overly excitable, and now was no different. Bebe can see that he is so wound up that he is not thinking clearly, which is clearly complicating the matter for him. As he begins to spill out his feelings, Bebe is touched that David trusts her with a problem of this nature, but is slightly out of her jurisdiction. This would normally be a father/son issue. But she understands that given his history, David probably does not trust Julian with matters of the heart.
David explains the entire situation to her, including his relationship with Kacey and the intimacy they have shared. He tells her about the conversation they had on his birthday. Thankfully, Julian had already shared that gem with her, so she is prepared to bite her tongue this time around. Then he shows Bebe the airline ticket that Ciara purchased before she even received his letter. He tells her he feels like he is in a checkmate, with no way to make a good move. He asks Bebe for her opinion about what he should do.
She has her own feelings involved in the situation, and cannot give him an objective opinion. She can’t tell him how to fix this. Instead, she suggests that he forget about what other people think; and instead do what he feels in his heart, he is being called to do. Frustrated with her answer, he asks her flatly what she would do given his situation. Bebe knows that he is looking for a way out of his problem. But this is the first challenge of his adulthood, and could define the kind of man he becomes later in life. She looks at him, smiles warmly and says that she would pray. Her answer grounds him, and he nods in understanding; admiring his mother’s patience and wisdom. He has already searched his heart and heard what is being asked of him. It is the reason he wrote the letter in the first place.
He thanks Bebe with a warm hug and, if she asks, to let Kacey know that he is taking a short vacation and will be back in a couple of days. Bebe watches as he runs back into the house to call a cab. Bebe knows that Kacey is a smart girl and will figure out what going on. David was right about one thing, that he really has no good moves to make; though some are decidedly better than others. Whatever the outcome, it will be pivotal in whether or not David is successful in restarting his grandmother’s legacy.

6 thoughts on “Chapter 2.15 – Heartache

  1. bomb. just bomb. I just found your blog and read everything from Julian to this last one… it’s sooo good!! I love Julien and I looove Bebe and I really LOVE David! so glad to have found this.


  2. Im so happy that the ticket was purchases before he even sent the letter..shows Ciara was thinking of him along. <33
    I love Bebe, she is such a good sim, and a wonderful mother.


  3. I particularly enjoyed this chapter, you really managed to portray David’s developing characteristics well. The final line was perhaps my favourite, an attempt to restart the legacy gives the family a much deeper background than the usual fresh started legacies that haunt the net. I can’t wait to see where this trip takes David emotionally.


  4. I hope David will solve all his inner conflicts soon! I totally agree with Bebe’s suggestion ; ignore what the others think. Love every chapter, and I’ll keep reading up till your recent one. New chapter on my blog as well! 🙂

    Auburn legacy


    1. Thanks Auburn!
      I keep making the same excuse that I’m super-busy, but unfortunately it is true. I just really need to find a “groove” where I can read on some days, write on some, and play sims on others. And admittedly, my attention has been grabbed by Champions Online again recently.


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