Chapter 2.11 – Legacy

The idea of Julian returning to the lifestyle of roaming from town to town, stealing what he wants and sleeping on park lounge chairs sickens Bebe.
She realizes in an instant that what she’s been doing to Julian has accomplished nothing. The concept of forgiveness is at the very core of her beliefs, and she gains a sudden new appreciation for how difficult such a thing can really be. Deep inside, she believes it was grace that brought her and Julian together. By claiming she has forgiven him while continuing to hold on to her anger and denying him any friendship or intimacy, she has done as much damage to that gift as he. Not knowing what to say, she explains this very thought to him.
They spend the next day at the beach sitting on the lounge chairs and getting their frustrations aired out. It is a good day for both of them. Julian knows that his youthful days are behind him, and he is grateful for the chance to make things right. Bebe shares her encounter with his mother’s ghost. She has never spoken to anybody about the strange conversation, and how she somehow knew that Julian would break her heart. She also tells him about the family legacy the spirit spoke about, and how it is somehow connected to the land.
Sunday evening sees Julian and Bebe embracing for the first time in a long time. They celebrate with a dinner date at the bistro, and a late night sitting by the fire. Tomorrow is Julian’s birthday, and he lets David invite his friends over for a small party. Julian has made some new fishing friends, and he decides to invite them as well. After all he has been through in his lifetime, he looks forward to retiring and spending a lot of time with them at his favorite spots.
Julian can see that David is finally getting over his first heartbreak after Ciara moved away. Kacey had turned out to be quite an attractive young lady, and she has not been bashful about her interest in David. He is glad to see that David is beginning to put the pieces together. David has been friends with Reid for a long time. And having known Kacy since she was an infant, Julian can understand how it might take some time for David to see her in “that” way. But hormones being what they are, his son finally catches on.
The time comes for Julian to blow out the candles. He reflects quietly on his lifetime; both the good and the bad. Then he makes his last birthday wish. He knows that they can never forget what happened with Pauline. It is incredible irony that the joy Yuki has brought to them was caused by a terrible lack of judgement and discipline.
The night lingers on and most of the party guests leave. It has been a week of redemption and renewal for Bebe and Julian. Letting go of her grudge is not easy, but letting go of Julian is impossible. And when they embrace, she knows that this is the way it is supposed to be.
And as Bebe ponders this thought in the upstairs bedroom, Kacey ponders a similar thought as she enjoys David’s personal attention by the pond in the back yard.

2 thoughts on “Chapter 2.11 – Legacy

  1. I’m glad to see Bebe finally forgive Julian for real. Kacey grew into a really pretty teen… but I have a suspicion that Ciara is going to come back at exactly the wrong time…


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