Chapter 2.10 – Forgiveness

David cannot stop thinking about the pictures of the old cabin he found at the library.
He has captured every page of the diary with his cellphone camera and moved the images to his laptop. He has been studying the entries and other photos to find out who they were. Since his discovery contains no new information about the abandoned mine, Reid seems uninterested. But David continues to read the diary. It had apparently been written by a girl about his age, whose family helped establish Sunset Valley.
It is a week of birthdays for the Barimen household, so David reluctantly decides to give the research a break. Saturday is Yuki’s birthday, and since it is the first one in the new house, David wants to share it with friends. For David, it is more than just throwing a party for his baby sister. It is celebration of how far they, as a family, have come against adversity.
Reid and Kacey are the first to be invited. The siblings have spent a lot of time with David and Yuki, and the four of them have become very close friends. Although a few months have passed, he can’t help think of Ciara. She had not stopped writing to him completely, but the letters come less often, and are less personal in nature. He often wonders how she has changed, or if she thinks about him at all. He wishes she could be here to share in the festivities.
Later, as the party gets underway, Reid and Kacey are the first to arrive. Both Bebe and Julian notice immediately that Kacey is no longer a little girl. Her brother Reid, who was protective to begin with, now seems to stand by her like a guard dog. She has grown into a teen, and seems to have eyes for David.
Unfortunately, David has been so preoccupied with Ciara and his research, that he has been oblivious to the changes that have taken place with Kacey. To him, she is just Reid’s kid sister. But for her,there may just be a little more to it than that. She felt kind of invisible when David lamented to Reid about missing Ciara. She has secretly had a crush on David for quite a long time, and now that she can compete with the older girls, she intends to make herself known.
Yuki blows out the candles and makes the transition to childhood. For all the tears, frustration, and pain that Julian’s infidelity has caused her, Bebe cannot imagine the family without Yuki being a part of it.
She has been careful to gently explain to Yuki that Pauline is her birth mother. Bebe had even invited the superstar to her daughter’s birthday party. But Pauline evidently is too busy or too self-absorbed to care. Bebe knows she has done the right thing when Yuki goes to her first to give her a hug, saying “thanks, mom” without giving it a second thought.
Later that night, Julian asks Bebe to sit down to talk. They have exchanged few kind words since Pauline left Yuki with them. Julian has made many attempts to reconcile. And though Bebe insists that she has forgiven him, their relationship has been polite, at best. He tells her that he the constant snubbing has worn him down. He feels so distant from her at this point, that he might as well be living alone.
He then asks her if it is how she would prefer the situation, he will quietly move out of the family home.

2 thoughts on “Chapter 2.10 – Forgiveness

  1. I really hope she doesnt let him leave. T.T He has been trying hard to prove himself to her again.

    Ooo…Kacey and David…Oooo….cant wait to see where this all goes!


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