Chapter 2.13 – Reckless

David starts to become nervous as Kacey’s late night visits occurr more and more frequently.
She seems to thrive on the danger of getting caught more than she does on seeing David. But her nighttime excursions always seem to find her crawling through David’s bedroom window. He reminds himself that it could be somebody else’s window, or worse. David knows that despite the thrill she seems to get from sneaking out, she would not risk the consequences for any other reason.
Then the morning comes when they both become a little too reckless for their own good. Kacey comes over very late. She is out of breath and he can see the thrill of exhilaration on her face. She had managed to elude a number of squad cars that spotted her slipping across the street from her house, which was clear across town. She led them on a cat and mouse hunt and lost them in a wooded field that leads down the beach below the bluff. She had snuck up the steep hill behind the house and scurried through his window just as the squad cars flashed lights up toward the Barimen house.
Her excitement carries over into the early morning, but it does so at a cost. They both fall asleep, oblivious to the fact that it is time for her to be returning home. David is startled awake with Kacey next to him as the morning sun shines through his window. Bebe has knocked on his door and calling for him to wake up and get ready for school. Kacey is as pale as a ghost and the excitement from earlier in the morning has turned into a realization that her mother and Reid will be waking up to find her missing.
Thankfully, Bebe does not enter when he calls that he is awake but getting dressed. Kacey quickly gets dressed and thinks of a way to explain her absence. David kisses her and watches as she disappears down the bluff. But in her rush to get home, Kacey didn’t consider who else may be watching through the window.
Later that day, he finds her at school. She blushes, the way she always does when she sees him, and pecks him on the cheek. She tells him the story she sold to her brother and mother; that she set out for an early morning jog but went farther than she had intended. The gleam in her eye suggests that her explanation may not be entirely false, while not being entirely forthcoming with all of the facts.
David walks her home after school. He tells her that he loves her, and that he is torn between continuing to be with her during her visits, and being responsible about their relationship. She also admits that she had let what had started as a one-time impulse, go too far. David suggests that they agree to suspend the late night visits until they are older. Kacey agrees, but tells him that she is not letting him out of her sights. 
 But what Kacey fails to realize, is that for David, “older” is not very far away.

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