Chapter 2.8 – Exiled

The situation at the Barimen home is not well. Julian immediately talks with David to explain and apologize for creating more turmoil in the family. David is old enough to understand the ugly facts involving Yuki.
 But what he does not understand is the whole drama surrounding how she ended up living with them. Based upon what he has pieced together through eavesdropping on his parents’ ice-cold conversations; Yuki is Julian’s daughter, and Pauline Wan somehow conned him into caring for her.
It takes time, but the worst of the turmoil eventually subsides. Bebe is a Good sim, and forgives Julian out of principle; though her trust in him is severely shaken and the intimacy between them is shattered. Bebe works hard to make Yuki feel like part of the family. She is a perfect little girl, and Bebe will not neglect an innocent child based on the sins of her parents.
But as if one crisis is not enough in David’s life, another one emerges. David’s phone rings in the early hours one Friday morning before school. It is Ciara, and she is frantic about something that happened at home. As he gets her to calm down, he discovers more about what has happened.
Ciara wants desperately for her sister to appreciate and accept her. She decides to prepare a surprise meal to celebrate Fiona’s job promotion. But a fire breaks out in the kitchen while she cooks, destroying just about everything. Fiona immediately accuses Ciara of purposefully setting the fire, and trying to kill her like she had their parents. Ciara rus out of the house to be with David. But since it is already after curfew, she is stopped by the police and brought back home. It sends Fiona off the deep end.
David gets her calmed down and promises that he will come home with her after school tomorrow to help smooth things over. But when school comes, Ciara is not there. David calls her between every class and during lunch, but there is no answer. By the end of the day, David is desperate to find out what is going on. He rides his bike to go see her only to find that nobody is home.
Saturday and Sunday come and go with no change. It has been three full days, and there is no sign of either Ciara or Fiona. When David arrives at school Monday morning, he sneaks off campus to continue investigating. He finds Fiona home …but no sign of Ciara. She is shocked to see him. She is clearly not prepared to confront him, and reminds him that he should be in school.
With more disrespect than he intends, he reminds her that Ciara should be at school as well. She launches angrily into David, shouting that Ciara is a menace and is responsible for both of their parents’ deaths. She shrieks that Ciara tried to kill her just a few nights ago. Then she gloats, saying that she has done David a favor by getting her out of his life and adds that Ciara should have been locked up years ago.
David cannot believe what he is hearing. He tells her flatly that she is a crazy witch and is the one that needs to be locked up; then demands to know where Ciara is. Evidently, that last comment was one step too far. She slaps David soundly across the face and tell him to leave. She adds that if he tries to come back she will call the police.
A letter comes for him a couple days later. It is from Ciara, and is postmarked airmail.
 I know you must be beside yourself with worry. I’m writing to let you know that I am safe, but missing you more as every day passes. My sister has decided that I am too much of a burden for her and has left me here, at a boarding school for girls. She says that it is one of the best schools in the world for kids “like me”.
I’ve only been here a few days and I hate it already. I wish I could talk to you, but using the phone is “a privilege and not a right”. My sister has convinced them that I have done all of those awful things purposefully. I try to tell them that bad stuff just happens to me, but they don’t believe me.
That’s why I fell in love with you. You always believe me. You understand that I can’t control the stuff that happens to me. You’re the only one who ever cared enough to see past it. I miss you so much, David! I have our birthday marked on my calendar. It is still far away, but not nearly as far away as you are from me.
I love you,

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