Chapter 2.7 – Consequences

I found Ciara’s traits fascinating (unlucky, loves the outdoors, loser, hopeless romantic), and so made sure that David falls head-over-heals for her. With both unlucky and loser traits, she is just a tragedy waiting to happen.
Weeks turn into months for David and Ciara. David learns firsthand that misfortune really does follow Ciara around. But he finds ways to compensate for her terrible luck and inability to succeed. Ciara’s sister, Fiona despises her younger sister and accuses her of purposefully breaking things around the house and just generally being a loser.
But David knows that none of it is intentional, and he always expresses confidence in her. It is the small things that he does for her that make her crazy about him. Such as declaring her the winner of the “David Barimen’s Cutest Girl in School Award”, with official ribbon and certificate.  What neither of them suspect is that they are secretly admired as the “cutest couple” in school.
For Bebe and Julian, however, things aren’t quite as cute and are about to take an ugly turn. Julian is working out in the gym when he sees Pauline heading his way. He does not want to repeat what happened with her more than a year ago, but he still can’t help his attraction. He is relieved when she greets him sans the usual innuendo.
When she invites him to back to her house, she makes very clear it is for something important that does not involve getting naked. When he hesitates, she tells him that it is something legal in nature, and promises to behave herself …and that she would rather not involve her lawyers.
That last bit is enough to convince Julian. When they arrive, a teenage girl bolts out the door yelling goodbye as she hops on her bicycle. Sitting on the floor is another little girl, only a few months old. Pauline tells him that the girl on the bike is her daughter with Hank. Then she approaches the little girl and picks her up.
Pauline goes on to tell him that she figured out she was pregnant during her first cross-country tour. The pregnancy made her nightly performances and constant travel very difficult. Then, toward the end when she could no longer hide the fact, she had to postpone several concerts.
In an instant, he can see the resemblance in the bright blue eyes. His heart rate increases. Doing the math in his head, he concludes that the timing could be about right. Suddenly, he wants to be anywhere but here. She carries the toddler over to Julian. Judging by the look on his face, he has already figured out what she is about to tell him. She places her in Julian’s arms and introduces her as Yuki …his daughter.
He is too far gone in shock to respond. Any number of unplesant things run through his mind. Bebe has endured so many transgressions on his part, but he is not sure if she can endure this one. He has screwed up seriously this time, and he knows it.
Pauline produces a small packet of papers and explains that she is about to go overseas on tour. As her father, Julian has to give his permission before she can to take Yuki with her. He absently signs the documents, still formulating how he will break the news to Bebe. Then Pauline asks him to take them to be filed at City Hall.
Julian is so distrought, he falis to notice that the papers he has signed (and is hand-delivering to City Hall) are legal documents that grant sole custody of Yuki to him.  So while Julian is occupied downtown, Pauline makes a trip of her own.
Bebe answers the door and immediately recognises Pauline as the star that Julian helped sign to a huge recording deal. Pauline doesn’t seem all that interested in small talk, though. Bebe can see that Pauline is nervous and unsettled.
Then Pauline just starts talking. She tells Bebe the entire story about her, Hank, and Julian. And how Julian spent the night with her that evening when he came to propose the business deal with the music execs. Pauline does not need to say any more. Bebe can see the resemblance between the baby and Julian.
Pauline does not want to see Bebe suffer, but she has come here with a purpose. She quietly tells Bebe that she cannot care for Yuki and still meet the demands of an oversees tour. In fact, she cannot meet the demands of her career with the responsibilities of motherhood. She has given full parental control of Yuki over to Julian.
Neither woman has words remaining. One retreats into her own thoughts while the other retreats to her own self-interests. And the futures of both are now altered forever.

5 thoughts on “Chapter 2.7 – Consequences

  1. Wow, I was so not expecting this. Pauline is awful…shes caring more about her career than her daughter, I hate mothers like that.
    I feel so sorry for Bebe to bear this, what will happen to their little family now?


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