Chapter 2.1 – Rocks

No matter how happy David appears on the outside, Julian knows that his son wants a normal life in a normal house. He has saved up some money, but not enough to build a new house and the increase in bills that would come with it.
And catching fish is not going to change that situation. Julian spends as much time with David as he can before making the decision to provide for his family. Julian decides to get a job, in the typical Julian atypical fashion. With the money they have saved, he begins to invest in the local businesses. Since he is familiar with the market, he starts there.
David, Reid, and January become an inseparable trio as the school year goes by. Reid is a genius, and David takes advantage of his friend’s brains by going to his house to get help with homework. David is doing great in school as a result. But Reid is scary smart, and sometimes goes way over David’s head with his talk of scientific theory and mathematics. But behind the brains is a kid who loves adventure.
Reid and Jan visit David early one Saturday morning. He had been doing some research at the library for his geology project when he ran across some old records that mentions a mineral-rich area in the hills. Reid has planned an excursion to hunt for minerals as part of his project. Jan has come along with him to see if David is interested in joining. They don’t have to ask twice.
The location Reid identified is in the rugged, hilly, and unpopulated outskirts of Sunset Valley. The kids spend most of the morning hiking through the woods to get to the rocky outcrop. Reid immediately begins to identify rocks, much to David and Jan’s consternation. Before long, all three are loaded down with as many stones as they can carry before they find the motherlode.
Precious gems and minerals lie scattered about the area; more than any of them can carry. David, being quite an excitable child, becomes overwhelmed and starts to hoot and holler. Not knowing quite why, Reid hisses at him to stop. For some reason something just doesn’t feel right. Jan had gone quite far ahead, and starts to call to them to come quickly. The uncertainty in her voice was cause enough for concern.
Jan has made the biggest discovery yet.
And none of them know quite what to make of it.

4 thoughts on “Chapter 2.1 – Rocks

  1. Here’s a youtube link showing where it is located. There is also a stonehenge in Sunset Valley, but its also hidden pretty well. It makes me wonder if anything will be done with this for the expansion pack.

    Note: The Youtube link was removed 😛


  2. I wish I had the forethought to start my legacy narrations from childhood instead of young adulthood, there are so many great stories that are missed that way. Love the boyhood adventures you’re including.


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