Chapter 2 – David

It was kind of weird how all these events happened within a couple sim days of each other, so I figured I could compress them into a single post and begin the transition into chapter 2. Julian’s story is mostly complete, so I’m comfortable with starting to focus on events that happen in David’s life.
There is a certain blissful ignorance regarding the passage of time that kids seem to enjoy. For David Barimen, the time is spent running through the brambles and pretending pirate ships have land on the beach beneath the bluffs. He barely notices as his birthday comes and goes with very little fuss. He is far too busy inventing great and epic tales in his overactive imagination. He spends so much of his time outside, that his mom often threatens to move his bed out into the yard. He doesn’t tell her that he might actually like it.
Life is pretty good for David. His dad spends most of his morning fishing either at the beach or at the pond close to their house. Sometimes David goes with him, spending time with his dad and learning all the tricks he uses to catch the best fish. He thinks it is kind of unusual that his parent’s don’t have real jobs like the other kids’ parents do. His mother sells her paintings, and his father sells his daily catch to the market. The rest of the time, they just seem to really like spending a lot of time together.
The kids at school sometimes make fun of him because of it. Living right between two incredible mansions in a little wooden cabin is pretty embarrassing. He did get his own room for his birthday, but it still looked like an outhouse next to those two huge palaces.
Every once in awhile he overhears his mom and dad talking about building a new house, but they worry about the money it will cost. And not only that, but they start getting all “mushy” and begin talking about the house’s memories (he is pretty sure that houses don’t have memories). Then they just go to their room where he can hear them laughing and jumping on their bed. Grown-ups are so weird.
When his grandparents pass away (Gus first, then Dorie a day later), his dad tells him that it’s what happens when a sim gets really old. David is pretty young himself, still, so he really doesn’t understand. His mom’s birthday comes only a day after they are gone. She still seems pretty sad about it. She decides to give grandpa and grandma’s house to a family from Sim City who had lost their home to a random volcanic eruption downtown. The Sanchez family (a teenage girl with her father and grandfather) moves in very quickly. David is a little confused about why his mom would give away a house that is better than the one they live in.
January Donner doesn’t seem to mind what kind of house David lives in. She comes home with him quite often and they become quick friends. David learns that “Jan” doesn’t like where she lives. There are so many people that live together in the small multifamily home, all of them with totally different personalities. It makes her very uncomfortable. She really enjoys the calm and quiet of David’s home.
He invites her to stay over on weekends and they have a lot of fun playing together. Reid Kimura lives in the multifamily unit right next to Jan’s. The three of them often spend their days sitting on the rocks on the bluff searching for treasure and telling stories about what they will do when they grow up. Reid is some crazy kind of smart, and dreams about space travel. Jan loves music, but is afraid of big crowds.
Davd doesn’t know what he wants to do. Maybe some day he will build a mansion that dwarfs the two giant estates surrounding the little cabin. But for the time being, fighting imaginary pirates, discovering ancient robots buried in the rocks, and fishing for sunken treasure is enough to capture his eight year-old fancy.

3 thoughts on “Chapter 2 – David

  1. Awhh , David is such a cutie! 🙂 Your writing is so realistic, and David is such a typical child. Love his personality, and I’m happy he’s acting the way a young child should be acting! 🙂

    Auburn Legacy


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