Chapter 1.22 – Answers

Bebe is a technophobe, and as such, relies on the daily newspaper to catch up on what’s going on in the world. She is also among the last in Sunset Valley to learn the news.
BREAKING NEWS!! Authorities have solved a mysterious string of high profile robberies overseas. Julian Barimen, of Sunset Valley, was apprehended in the act while attempting to steal the wolds largest diamond at a museum near Paris. Information taken from the computer in his rented flat show transactions that implicate him in the theft of dozens of priceless artworks and artifacts. These transactions have lead authorities to what they believe is the source of these robberies; none other than the influential Corwin Barimen of CB Imports in Sim City. The Valley Post has obtained an exclusive, inside report that Julian Barimen has been offered clemency in exchange for testimony about the alleged criminal operation behind CB Imports.
Bebe can hardly believe it. Julian …a criminal!? And not just a criminal, but an international thief. According to the paper, he is being released to Sunset Valley authorities tomorrow morning. Months have passed since he left without a word. His mother’s spirit alluded to the fact that he is safe and would soon return to Bebe. She pleaded with Bebe to take him back in when he did return. But more ominously, she claimed that he would break Bebe’s heart yet again.
How much more could she go through? She wants answers. Morning comes too slowly for Bebe, who cannot sleep. Expecting to see news trucks and angry mobs, Bebe arrives in disbelief when she enters the station amid little fanfare, and even less attention. Is she the only one that cares her husband is a world-class criminal?
She waits for him to be released, running through her mind the different things she will say to him. But when he finally emerges, no words are exchanged. Neither of them know what to say when they see each other.
At a complete loss for words, Julian instead puts his arms around his wife for the first time in weeks. The intensity of their embrace speaks for both of them. The love he once proclaimed to her is real, and no matter how angry she wants to be at him, she has already forgiven him.
Their first hours home are spent with him begging for her forgiveness. He tells the account of how his father threatened her and David unless Julian collected a number of priceless items for his personal collection. The task seemed impossible, but his love for Bebe and David drove him to make it happen.
Julian confesses that he has been a criminal all his life, even throughout their own relationship. He reluctantly admits that at first, he had only wanted to use her to cover for his activities. But he experienced something with Bebe he never in his life felt before meeting her. He just simply and inexplicably fell in love.
Time heals all wounds, and as the weeks roll past, Bebe’s pain is replaced with the joy she felt when Julian first proposed to her. He really has changed, she realizes. Julian has quit his job at the warehouse, and has started selling the fish he catches during his morning excursions. They are finally a family, the way a family ought to be.
…and for better or for worse, Bebe forgets about the portent his mother’s spirit warned her about that night.
FOOTNOTE: Julian has achieved his lifetime wish of becoming a master thief. His intimate knowledge regarding his father’s operations has lead not only to the recovery of the items he had stolen, but also to evidence that would have put Corwin behind bars for the rest of his life and shut his business down for good. The organization is dismantled and many dangerous sims are taken into custody. More importantly, Julian is cleared of all charges. The only complication is that Corwin Barimen is never captured. He has seemingly vanished without a trace. And oddly, he is never seen alive again. Some say he lives on, traveling from town to town, attempting to rebuild his criminal empire. Others claim there is a particularly restless spirit that occupies an unmarked grave in Sunset Valley; a spirit that bares a striking resemblance to the once powerful and feared crime lord.

18 thoughts on “Chapter 1.22 – Answers

    1. Thanks chelseakc! You know, I wanted to experiment with telling the story of David growing up. I have enjoyed tellng that story, but it is missing the “adult” challenges, danger, and intrigue that Julian and Bebe faced. Not to take anything away from what David has gone through, but it just isn’t as gripping.


  1. I think it might be because we got to see David grow up so there really isn’t a lot of mystery to his character. With Julian, danger clung to him like a second glove and every woman loves a story with a bad boy. But David’s story is still very good! I’m still rooting for Ciara 😛


  2. So, I’ve been meaning to read this for the longest, and having finished the first generation I have many things running through my head.

    For one, I’m am utterly and completely jealous of your writing style. I’ve always had a dilemma myself when choosing between third and first person for stories such as these, and now I’m regretting having picked first-person for my legacy. Omniscient narrators have so much more scope. D:

    And I’m also surprised at how you still managed to “tie” in the first generation despite it being over more or less (with Julian’s mother’s warning and all.)

    Definitely a great read and definitely being added to my blogroll once I finish.


  3. Thanks for the very encouraging words! First person narrative can be very effective. One of my all time favorites, the Amber series by Roger Zelazny is probably the most effective use of first person I have ever read.


  4. This is an amazing chapter! I have to say you have a way with words. This has become my favorite legacy to read. I cannot wait to start reading chapter 2! But alas I must eat dinner. XD


  5. Thanks for reading and commenting! I’m glad to see there is a good community here on wordpress. I wasn’t sure what to expect after moving the blog from sims3legacy. The creativity and skill of so many simmers just keeps amazing me!


  6. This is truly excellent. I am completely blown away by Julian’s story. You have such a gripping writing style. I had intended to read the first chapter and come back to it, but after the first chapter I was so completely sucked in that I forgot what I was going to go and do in the meantime!

    I’m very excited to read more!


  7. Zoxell I must say that you are quite the talented writer I’ve never read a story as gripping as this one except dusty’s you like her amaze me with your writing and you also inspire me to play the sims 3 again and also re do my legacy (or rather make a new one) so thanks for the interesting first chapter and I cant wait for further stuff from you


    1. Thank you so much for the encouragement! I’m a sucker for drama, so I hope you can wade through it. Hehe. Shoot me a link to your new legacy and I’ll add you to my list.


  8. Aww, it’s so nice that they’re actually getting together. I hope Julian will stay out of trouble for Bebe and David’s sake. I had a chance to catch up to this chapter, but as soon as I have more time, I’ll keep on reading all the other chapters up to your most recent one! 🙂 Can’t wait to see how things will go!

    Auburn Legacy


    1. Thanks! I have a standing promise that I will eventually catch up on reading/commenting. I’ve got four kids and a fifth on the way. As you might imagine, my time is pretty much occupied. Thanks again for your feedback!


  9. How did Julian end up in the paper o: I guess if you’re just that cool you end up in the newspaper c; I love the story so far.


  10. I’ve read this legacy from beginning to end. Your writing style is great. One of the best legacies. I too play the sims3 but it is achingly slow.. so, what I do, is play the sims2. 🙂

    Good show!


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