Chapter 1.21 – Guardian

If you’re completely lost, take a look back at Chapter 1.12 to get some history pertaining to this post.
No. It cannot be possible. He has come so close …too close to completion to be stopped now. But he is paralyzed with fear and terror. He can feel the pain of the flames licking her flesh. He can feel the agony of the knowledge that she will not get to see Julian grow, help shape his life …watch him carry on her family tradition. She has returned to stop him from ending the legacy.
She has been with Julian this whole time, protecting him, guarding him, guiding him back here. It had been a difficult and heart-wrenching decision to leave him now, after guiding him for so long. But Bebe and David need her more than he. And if stopping Corwin here can finally allow her an eternal rest, then she will do whatever is necessary. She understands the effect apparitions of the dead have on the living. There are rules about such things.
And Corwin is no exception to the rules. His mind may be as strong as any sim ever to have lived. But his heart is feeble and pitiful. And his heart is what fails him upon the shock of seeing her. She takes some measure of satisfaction in knowing that the mind will continue on, contemplating for eternity how close he had come to realizing his twisted dreams in life.
Bebe wakes with a start at a blood chilling scream from the other room. She leaps out of bed, but hesitates. David is sound asleep in his crib. Did she dream it? She listens for more, but there is nothing but the sound of the wind and David’s tiny breaths. She turns to crawl back into bed, regarding the empty space Julian should be occupying. It still hurts, after all this time.
She takes pause at the soft, warm glow that abruptly fills the room. A figure passes peacefully through the door and regards her with an infectious smile that instantly reminds her of Julian. The form pauses, then lifts David gently out of his crib. He smiles as if he has known her for a long time. The ghostly woman hugs him as she would her own child …or grandchild.
That’s when Bebe understands it. This is Julian’s mother. She remembers Julian’s story about his mother, the fire, and his father, but she does not understand why her spirit would be here now.. And what about that scream?
Julian’s mother puts David back into his crib and motions Bebe to follow her. They go into the living room where there is a unearthly chill, noticeable even thorough the warm glow offered by the gost of Julian’s mother. And while there are no discernible words, Bebe understands everything that she begins to tell her.
She has completed her journey and it is time for her to move on to the final rest. There is more to this land than anybody suspects. She cannot tell Bebe what it is, exactly. And while neither Bebe, or even David will ever know what it is. Stewardship must be passed down through the generations so that when the time comes, an heir of her bloodline will be in place to learn its secrets.
Finally, she pleas with Bebe to have patience with Julian. Under the years of tutelage from his corrupt father is the soul of a good man. Although he will return to this place and reunite with Bebe, years of corruption will not be undone so easily. Then she gently, but soberly warns her that Julian will break her heart yet again. She assures Bebe that strength of her conviction and trust in her faith will see her through it. Eventually, it will provide Julian the model of faith to change his own life, and give David the moral foundation he needs to become the rightful heir of this land.
And with that she is gone, giving Bebe nothing else to do …but cry.

6 thoughts on “Chapter 1.21 – Guardian

  1. Wow! That was really something! Im so glad that Corwin was stopped and by none other than Julians mother. Its such a beautiful thought to know that she was with him all this time.


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