Iris Character Concept – Part 2

When I was actively writing the Barimen Legacy, I was guilty of fiddling with the character creator until I was satisfied that a character matched the vision I had conjured in my imagination. Toward the final chapters, hardly any characters were “natural” sims. Each was tailored to match the pictures in my brain. As I start the very early stages of development on Nash Must Learn some of the characters take shape immediately while others continue to evolve as I “dial in” and bring the final products into focus.

Iris is a tricky character to pin down. She has lived through some terrible situations and always seems to find hardship. Either that or hardship finds her. I picture Iris as being subtly attractive and featuring her bold, African ancestry. She is thin, fit, and possesses the shape of either a former or potential athlete. She rarely smiles and can be characterized as being unapproachable, suspicious, and aloof. Her worldview is colored by the many adversities she has both witnessed and experienced and she often sees tyranny and oppression stalking both her and her family.

Iris’s story will likely be emotionally challenging. Choosing to spend time with Iris and coming to understand her circumstances will open up a roller-coaster of sentiment and conflict. Staying with her throughout the struggle and watching her find inner peace could potentially become the most emotionally rewarding outcome of the game.

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