Iris Character Concept

Much of my free time this week has been directed toward Daz Studio and experimenting with its many features. The biggest challenge has been learning jargon and understanding key fundamentals of geometry, textures, shaders, and lighting and how they all work together to create photoreal renders. I have a very long way to go before I’m able to achieve realistic-looking scenes with confidence rather than by accident.

Continuing on my development for Nash Must Learn, building the cast of main romanceable heroines has been the primary focus. So far, we have met Michelle, Desiree, Faith, and Lorie. Next up is Iris. Readers have several opportunities to interact with Iris if they direct Nash to the right places at the correct times. It is also possible to not meet her at all. This is intended by design, not to intentionally frustrate readers, but to set a tone for interacting with her, as I will try to convey the sense of Iris being a rudderless boat caught out in the sea during a storm.

Iris is a strong-willed and formidable single mother of two children who finds herself in one desperate situation after another. Readers will find that she is wary, indignant, and bitter toward Nash despite him having done nothing untoward to earn such resentment. Nash must learn to act from a place of selfless charity and thankless compassion in order to break through Iris’ cold exterior. Like the others, Iris holds information crucial to solving the larger mystery. It will require unwavering patience and tough skin on Nash’s behalf if he hopes to learn her part of the puzzle and potentially work his way into her heart.

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