Lorie Character Concept

Much of my initial time spent developing “Nash Must Learn” is devoted to creating a foundation where the building blocks for the story will eventually take shape. Keep in mind that my motivation for doing this is entirely selfish. I wish to learn the Ren’py platform and related technologies (python, mainly) and become proficient with Daz Studio and Blender and their related technologies, as well. The photorealistic subgenre of visual novels has gained quite a bit of credibility, lately. I strongly recommend “Acting Lessons” and “Being a DIK”. Yes, these games do contain Adult, NSFW content but I hesitate to call them pornography games. Play once through “Acting Lessons” and you will understand. If you manage to complete the game without shedding tears, then I salute you.

Much like the “Barimen Legacy” had a dozen years ago, “Nash Must Learn” is a story that is begging to be told. Unlike the “Barimen Legacy”, it will require numerous read-throughs to fully experience all content and reach the story’s climax and resolution. As the name suggests, the story’s protagonist, Nash Vossen, must learn from the characters he meets in order to proceed through the game. Decisions made for Nash during a game could potentially impact subsequent play-throughs. Choices made while interacting with characters will determine whether or not he will be able to gather the details he needs to unlock all of the game’s numerous secrets and reach the grand finale.

I am at the very beginning stages of the game where most of the development is in storyboarding, world-building, and character creation. The game does have a static introduction for which I am presently creating renders. It should take about an hour to read and get players acquainted with Nash and his back story.

One character Nash will have the opportunity to meet and interact with is Lorie Voigt, a young and beautiful, full-figured college student who is struggling to find where she fits into the world of adults. Finding Lorie in-game is meant to be a challenge for readers. There will be a specific set of choices that must be made in order to meet her then another set of specific choices to gain the opportunity to interact with her. These will not be arbitrary choices, but readers will likely need to figure out the subtle hints scattered about as they encounter other characters in the game.

As it turns out, Lorie holds some of the most valuable information Nash must learn, as she is most like the central figure he is working to investigate; none other than the “Barimen Legacy” heroine, Moira McAllister.

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