Faith Character Concept

Faith is a quirky, small-statured character in Nash Must Learn. Her unremarkable appearance, aloof demeanor, unkempt mouse-brown hair, and limited acquity with ordinary life skills are all expressions of a lifelong struggle against high-functioning Autism. Faith may appear stupid and incapable at first. In reality, she is very bright and observant and is an unusually proficient and skilled artist. She prefers using pencils, which often leaves her hands, arms, and sleeves smudged with graphite.

Readers will have the opportunity to meet and interact with Faith and direct Nash to accompany her as she works to fill an album with evidence she believes will lead her to an actual, living, angel. Nash must learn to see the world through Faith’s eyes if he is to help her understand the difference between what is real and what is fantasy. His decisions and interactions with Faith may potentially lead him to discover numerous important pieces of information he needs to unravel the story’s overarching mystery. He may also find that falling in love with her invites as much discord as it does harmony.

A fun fact about this render of Faith. It’s been the longest-running render to date, completing after three and a half hours.


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