Leaving Isla Paradiso

As the title suggests, Van will be leaving Isla Paradiso along with his friends and family. They will set root together in a fictional location somewhere on the Atlantic coast of Brazil. I’m unsure about the future of the story. I know that the “Sims 3 Legacy” format will no longer be a feature of the project and Daz will be replacing “The Sims 3” for sourcing visuals.

I have a lot of ideas floating around my head but very little focus. My primary goal is to learn more about Ren’py and tell a story that has been stewing in my brain since the end of “the Barimen Legacy”. The problem with this strategy is that development cycles are long and the learning curve is steep. Ren’py does require programming skills. Also, developing a visual novel is different than writing a blog in many aspects. Planning, storyboarding, and mapping out branches and choice consequences in the plot require a lot of non-creative time and effort.

I will likely find some happy medium between working on “Nash Must Learn” and realizing my need for more immediate gratification through Van and his adventure. This will be Van’s story and, perhaps, focus on some of the adventures of his immediate offspring. “Paradise with Thunderstorms” will be adopted as the official title of whatever remains to be told of the story. Not only this, but I have found a bit of fondness for the new “SciFi Girl” and her world. Whether this turns into a full-fledged story or just simply a few images with captions, is still unknown to me. We’ll see where her story goes.

There you have it! The Sims 3 was (and is) a groundbreaking game both in terms of play and technology. But it is (finally) time for me to move on to new things. I leave you with a few renders of Van at his new home in Daz

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