Part 1 – the morning star rises

I finally decided on a new legacy to play with. I do have another story in the works and I may try to do some of both. But for now, please enjoy my introduction the Donblas Lineage!

The Donblas Lineage

Not all stories begin at the beginning. Consider the present example, which likely finds the distinguished reader expecting to be introduced to a young sim who will nobly lay the foundation for a family legacy that marches toward an end goal of producing ten generations of offspring.

This is not that kind of story.


We are introduced, instead, to a middle-aged sim born to the ninth generation of a legacy family that may never achieve its stated goal of producing ten generations. Why introduce a story at the end, and at a point where the legacy is destined to fail? The answer, perhaps, is just simply because this is where things really start to get interesting…




…zzz ….curiously dominated by superstitious, religious symbolism until the recent, modern age of scientific enlightenment. Mythological creatures, such as angels and omnipotent spirits, have been depicted in sim-made works of art all throughout history. These…

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