Chapter 8.2 – Tired

When Luke heard about a the field trip his class was taking to the cemetery, he though it was a pretty strange place to take a bunch of kids.
Seeing all the nervous faces in class that morning, he can tell he’s not the only sim who thinks so. The classroom clock has a weird way of playing tricks. When you want time to go by fast so you can get to do something you want, each second takes an eternity. But when there’s something you don’t want to do, the day just whips by in a blur.
For Luke, lunchtime arrives a bit too quickly for his liking. He’s not normally squeamish about stuff, but the idea of visiting a cemetery is just plain creepy.
His fears are “put to rest” soon after they arrive, however. The undertaker is surprisingly funny, considering what he does for a living. He tells stories about Sunset Valley’s old-timers and shows the kids gravestones of sims who had lived many hundreds of years ago.
As they enter the mausoleum, there is a mixed bag of reactions. Some kids are bored, some are still creeped out, and others are excited.
Luke’s reaction, however, is understandably more intense than anybody else’s.
He’s just had some trouble sleeping, lately.
At least that’s what he tells his mother when she finds him sitting alone in the dark reading room, late one night. He has not said anything about what he saw at the mausoleum during the field trip. Sandi Baker, one of the cutest girls at school (and one who also happens to have a crush on him), had picked up on the fact that Luke wasn’t doing too well. She had stood by him the entire time, probably thinking he was just creeped out for the same reason everybody else was. Boy, was she ever wrong.
Being watched by a whole room full of ghosts that nobody else can see, is reason enough to loose sleep. But that’s not the problem. The honest truth is that he just doesn’t get tired… ever. It has been like that since he was a baby. Being alone in a quiet or dark room never really bothered him like it does other sims, so he was always content. But now that he is older, his sleepless nights are much more obvious.
What’s weird about it, is that his mother seems to have some kind of extra-sensory thing going. The mom-radar turns on every time he leaves his room at odd hours, and he usually gets sent back to bed. But for some reason, tonight is different. Rather than send him back to his room, she sits with him and hums the songs like she used to do when he was a baby.
Hearing them brings happy memories back to him. She has always told him that he is somebody unique and special. He was pretty sure that all moms tell their kids that, so he’d always just assumed it was a mom thing. But something she says while they sit together tonight, changes his mind. She asks if he’d ever wondered why he doesn’t get tired. The question surprises him a little bit. And the way she had asked it, makes him think that she already knows the answer. He just shrugs his shoulders, then asks her how she knows.
She smiles and tells him that she also had some very unique things happen to her when she was a kid. She could do stuff nobody else could do. But mostly, she has always been able to notice the most tiny and insignificant details that were out of place. She didn’t understand that she truly was different, until she got caught up in a lot of trouble. Evil sims had used those talents to lure her into some very bad situations. And unfortunately, she lacked the wisdom to see what they were doing to her.
Amber kisses Luke on the head and tells him that he can always come to her to talk about anything he sees, hears, or does that should not be possible. She pauses just before leaving the room, and tells him that he can stay out here and play video games. But he cannot leave the house. Luke nods and watches as she turns the corner into the dark recesses of the estate. After a few seconds, he is surprised to hear what he thinks is his mother’s voice again, speaking gently but firmly.
…you have been graced with a most blessed gift… the same gift that has lead the holiest of armies into battle… but in order to claim your own victory, you must listen… and you must obey…
That definitely did NOT sound like his mother. Luke jumps up to poke his head into the dark hallway. But Amber is already at the far end, where she disappears into her bedroom with the door clicking quietly behind her.

9 thoughts on “Chapter 8.2 – Tired

  1. Oooo is it Casey? I hope he’s hearing something from the angel.

    Also, was that a ghostly girl standing behind him in the cemetery? I couldn’t tell it it was a human girl lit with black light, or a ghost. I thought maybe it was a significant picture, but then I’m not sure if I misinterpreted it.


    1. Dang, that would have been cool! But nope, she’s the same girl standing next to him in the other shots (Sandi Baker, the one he mentions later). As for Kacey… we’ll just have to wait and see where she fits in. 😉


    2. Also, I’ve resubbed to CoH. Not sure if you or your group are still active. Know of any good, cusual supergroups looking for an old-timer who was around during beta?


    1. Also, forgot to add that Im glad that Amber lays it out on the table right away and lets him know that he is not alone, that she can more than understand if strange things happen. Lets just hope he takes her up on that offer when the time comes.


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