Chapter 8.1 – Intuition

Hope had been the only Barimen heir to really boast any kind of popularity at school.
While there may never be another sim quite like her, Luke has managed to develop a following of his own. He is the “every kid” who fits right into any clique or group with seemingly no effort. He mostly ignores the particular quirks and traits that divide them into their own little social circles. The honest truth, is that Luke does a pretty good job of avoiding all of the social drama that comes with being a kid, simply by avoiding the pitfalls of being a follower.
Luke has his own way of doing things that makes stuff look easy. He breezes through school, homework, and soccer practice. Then, any friends still having energy left to join him, find themselves on some crazy bike ride through the rocky hillside to reach his favorite spot. Those brave souls learn that the boy just simply does not get tired. And the ones who manage to keep up with him the entire way, find a side of Luke that a rare few will ever experience. They watch in quiet discomfort while he stands, silently transfixed on the air base, as if he were waiting for something to happen.
Much to Luke’s delight, Fort Gnome has been very busy with activity. There had been a landslide, many years ago, at the entrance of an old, nearby mine. He learns from the kids who live on-base, that there is some new project going on deep inside the mine. But none of their parents will talk about it.
Even though they aren’t supposed to, the kids sometimes go and watch large machinery excavate the site. He’s been punished a few times after being out way too late. He can only imagine how much trouble he’d be in if either his mom or dad knew where he was spending his time.
His closest friends are those kids whose parents are stationed at the base. The few occasions in his life that Luke has ever been sad, have come when he’s had to let go of a budding friendship. Having moved from place to place their whole lives, those kids have already learned not to got too closely attached. But Luke cannot help feeling a little bit hurt after each loss. He knows these kids are the only sims who really understand him and his affinity toward the armed forces. They see it in their own parents, and they see it in Luke too.
Luke probably has enough friends to keep him busy with a different activity every day of the year. But there are some days when he feels the need to just “go it alone”. It’s days like these when he sets out early in the morning and takes off. He’s not sure, entirely, where he is going off to. Sometimes he just wanders up and down the beach all day. Other days, he’ll just stand, staring at the same pile of rocks located inside a small grassy alcove, only a few yards away from the beach. Somewhere, deep in his mind, he knows there is an underground passage being hidden by those rocks.
The hidden passage and the excavation site are both very important for some reason. And so is the military base. Although it doesn’t make any sense to him, Luke trusts his intuition. And even if it did make sense, there isn’t a lot he would be able to do about it anyway. After all, he’s just a kid.
But one of the great things about kids, is that they rarely dwell on the things that are out of their control. And so it goes with Luke. He doesn’t get bothered by the stuff he can’t understand. There are way too many fun things to do, for him to get slowed down by some weird heebie-jeebies. But every once in awhile, Luke still goes off alone to those places where all he can do, for now, is stand, and stare, and wonder.
Perhaps some day, there will be something for him to do.

6 thoughts on “Chapter 8.1 – Intuition

  1. First comment! 🙂

    Luke is such an intriguing character. I love following him as a reader, it’s quite interesting. I find him pretty mature for his age, yer he’s such a child at heart. Hard to explain, I guess. Interesting chapter!

    ps. sorry for not commenting in such a long time! x.x I’ve been away from my sims in sometime now, but I’ve started playing and writing again! Therefore, there is a brand new chapter on my blog and I’d be honored if you commented ! 😉


  2. Aww, I hope that girl comes back :3 MAGENTA HAIR! I THINK! *scrolls back up* Yes, magenta. That’s the color of the child of my imaginary friend sim @.@ methinks she magical! Yess
    Ooh, return of the prettyful mine. Hehe. Can’t wait to go there!


  3. LOLZ, Luna, I swear you read my mind. XD I was hoping a little childhood crush would come from that, so I hope she does come back too.

    Luke is definitely an intriguing sim child! He really is full of energy and aspirations it seems. I cant wait to see where it all takes him!


  4. Thinking about it, Wendell would be the kind of funny guy to say “Luke, I am your father.”

    Anyways, Luke is such a cool kid ^-^ He’s going to be a charmer when he grows up, I’d bet!


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