Chapter 8 – Luke

Resourceful [adjective]: able to deal well with new or difficult situations and to find solutions to problems
This is not a word most sims would use to describe a toddler; at least not until they meet Luke Barimen.
Watching him, one would see a combination of things at work that might highlight this characteristic. For example, he learned early-on that by pushing his toy-box against the door, then crawling on top, he could reach the door handle like momma and daddy do. Imagine Amber’s surprise, after finishing off a good mystery novel and dozing off; when she finds her little toddler has appeared on her lap from out of nowhere.

Grapes always taste so much better if you eat them while sitting in the mud!
But mostly, it is just an air he carries about him, even as a toddler. He possesses some kind of drive or ambition to plow through life’s hurdles. Most of the time it isn’t very pretty. But his determination certainly gets the job done.

"Peanut" and friends rescued from the laundry basket.
Much like his mother before him, Luke is hindered only by the physical and cognitive limitations of youth. But that’s pretty much where the similarities between Luke and his mother end. She had been prone to over-analyze everything to the n-th degree. Luke, on the other hand, just keeps trying things until he gets the outcome he’s looking for. Honestly, there is probably more luck involved in his success than anything else.
Due to all of his early victories over life’s obstacles, Luke’s mind has dismissed the word “can’t”. Sometimes it can be pretty annoying, but it has a way of keeping his parents honest. Momma’s excuses for why they “can’t” go for another walk to the park today, never seem to work. Momma does finally figure out how to out-wit the persistent toddler, though. Her only one walk the the park per day rule is no fun at all.
As Luke grows, there emerges an odd contrast within his personality. He is relentless, yet somehow compassionate. He is ultra-competitive, but still genuine and kind. He excels early and often in sports, but never brags or taunts. Interestingly enough, it is a combination of traits that, even at a young age, the girls find completely irresistible.
Fearing a repeat of her own walk down darker roads, Luke’s mother works to keep him engaged in all sorts of activities. Whether it be the Sim Scouts, soccer, football, baseball, or karate. They do it all. Luke sometimes thinks his parents are afraid of him getting bored or something.
Luke often goes camping with his parents, both with his scout friends, and sometimes just with family. He marvels at all the cool stuff his dad knows. He had been in the military once, and he shows Luke all kinds of knots, survival stuff, and even how to build a fire. Sometimes he wishes he had a bird on his arm too, so he could be in the military.
To say that Luke eventually becomes obsessed with the subject is probably a bit strong. But he does become very, very, very interested in it. He and his dad often visit the base together, where they watch planes land and take off. Luke will sometimes catch his dad with a far-away expression on his face when they’re discussing his time in the service. He wonders why his dad doesn’t share them, because those memories must the the really good ones.
Looking beyond the airplanes, the stories, and even the cool knots and survival skills; there is still something that Luke does not quite understand about his military fixation. It captures his fascination, and occupies his thoughts. But his child-like mind does not yet possess the variety of experiences and accumulated knowledge to express those thoughts. If he could verbalize it, he might describe it as seeing something amazing at the top of a steep hill. But he doesn’t know how to climb up, and he is too proud to ask for help.

Luke Barimen (Ambitious, Loner, Lucky)
And as it goes with everything, there is, of course, an explanation. But it is not a simple one. It will take much of his adult life, and opening his mind to possibilities that seem completely at odds with his concept of the world, before he realizes what that amazing thing at the top of the hill represents. And even after he accepts what it is, no measure of resourcefulness, ambition, or even luck, will matter.
Because if he wants to reach it first, he must also accept that he cannot do it alone.

5 thoughts on “Chapter 8 – Luke

  1. I really like Luke so far. Seems like an interesting character. I wonder what trials he has to go through. Can’t wait for more!

    ps. I have started a legacy, and I was wondering if you could check it out. I only have a prologue and first chapter.


    He reminds me so much of Tommy from Rugrats.
    Haha. Amber you lazy. I don’t like her once a day rule 😛
    I can’t wait to see Luke as a teen! X)


    1. LOL! Thanks!
      Wendell is a great character, but I don’t think he’ll see much more spotlight in the story.
      Rugrats… wow! There’s a blast from the past!


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