Chapter 7.1 – Sisters

If she sits very still, and lets all the noises and smells and sights blend together, she can almost sense the town talking to her.
Amber smiles slyly at the twins reaction to her story. They’re SO gullible. They both call her “sister”, even though she isn’t really. She’s technically their niece, even though they’re all only a few hours apart in age. Grandma Faith was pregnant at the same time as her mother, and they were all born on the same day. Explaining this over and over again, a hundred times, gets old pretty fast. So Amber just goes along with being called their “sister”.
Mom and Dad say that being at home with grandma and grandpa helps to keep all the crazies away from her while they’re out playing concerts all over the world. Her parents cannot go anywhere without being followed by fans and those stupid photographers. They even hang around the estate trying to get pictures. Or at least they used to until Grandpa Jimmy started zapping them whenever he saw them on the property. She’s glad that they don’t follow her around that way.
But anyway, it is true. You know, that thing about the town. It could be that she is just super-observent about things. She loves to watch sims and peek into their world for just a few seconds. This one is searching his pockets, now looking on the ground. He’s lost something. He came on a bike, so it’s probably not his keys. Plus she saw him go to the bathroom talking on the phone. She watches as he makes the connection for himself, then dashes off back to the restrooms.
There’s a lady who’s interesting. She’s looking around all nervous for some reason. She keeps glancing over her shoulder at the police station. She walks funny, too. On her tippy-toes like she’s trying to be quiet. She’s probably after that laptop computer somebody walked away from to play catch. Yep… swiped. Amber’s uncle, Officer Nava, will be interested in hearing about this one for sure. She got a really good description this time too.
Tina and Tanya finally finish their chess match. Amber doesn’t care for chess all that much. But it is fun trying to predict how her “sisters” will each react to certain moves. They run to play on the swings together, then fish until dark. Dad …or Grandpa, comes to pick them up in the hot-rod as soon as it starts to get dark. Each girl gets a pat on the head as they get into the car.
Amber screeches with excitement when she sees all the photographers waiting out in front of the estate. It can mean only one thing. Mom and Dad are home from their music tour. She and the twins get showered with gifts, and hugs, and kisses. The hugs and kisses are great, as always. The gifts are pretty cool too. But it’s the subtle little things Amber notices about her mother and father, and the little secret that they’re keeping to themselves, that makes her smile bigger than anything. As usual, nobody else has figured it out yet.
But Amber decides to play along, and just enjoy having both parents at home. For a couple of days, at least. That’s when she can no longer contain her excitement, and blurts out her flood of questions. She’s alone with her parents in the studio when it happens. Both Lisa and Ben are amused that she has contained her curiosity for so long. At the same time, however, they’re amazed at how she arrived at the conclusion that her mother was pregnant.
Amber enjoys the time her parents spend at home when her brother, Paul, is born. She will remember these days as the happiest time of her life. Ben and Lisa soak in the precious moments spent with Amber and Paul, and come to dread the next time they will have to leave to play music around the world again. Amber knows the decision is made even before Lisa and Ben do.
It may not seem as obvious to anybody else, but it is clear as day for Amber; and she couldn’t be any happier.
Despite being at the height of their popularity, Grayswandir has played its last tour.

4 thoughts on “Chapter 7.1 – Sisters

  1. Oh I like Amber so much. It will be good for her to have her parents home. She is such an observant girl. I am so curious as to where her life’s journey will take her.


  2. I love that Amber has the same hairstyle as her mother, it’s so obvious that she misses her parents. She’s such a sweet girl. Hopefully this peaceful time for the family will continue!


  3. Awh I love the relationship that Amber has with her parents. It’s always nice to have some positive moments in a legacy! 😉 I wonder what will happen next? ;o

    Auburn Legacy


  4. I love Amber already. She is such an observant little girl. And its nice to see how much she loves to be around her parents.

    It makes me smile that Ben and Lisa will be performing their last concert, shows whats more important to them. :}


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