Chapter 7.2 – Truth

It can be kind of fun, “noticing” things that other sims usually overlook.
But sometimes, it can be downright annoying. For example, Tina left the house today with a button on her shirt only half-buttoned. Who notices those kinds of things? Or more importantly, who cares? Evidently, both are true of the Barimen heiress, because it bothered her the entire morning. She’s thankful that she’s not also a perfectionist. Because that would just be cruel…
But honestly, most of the time it is not so bad. She possesses an amazing aptitude for figuring out how to do things without much effort. Skills come to her, she jokes, rather than her having to go to them. Perhaps this acquity is attributable to her observational skills. Or perhaps there is something more; something that neither Amber nor any of her ancestors had ever considered.
Regardless, some sims might be inclined to show off, or brag about being a “cut above” other sims. Not so for Amber. If anything, she would much prefer to blend in than stand out. Standing out means that other sims would all be watching what she does. And she would much prefer that it be the opposite.
Children always seem to know when there is something wrong in the home, but Amber sometimes is aware of things that kids her age usually miss. Her understanding of complexities and relationships allows her to grasp the legal problems her parents are facing for leaving their band, Grayswandir. It has not missed any of its engagements; but it has done so with replacements for its biggest stars. And the lawyers want a lot of money from them for quitting.
Amber does everything she can to help make them feel good about their decision. Poor Aunt Sarah had to quit the record company she started because of it, too. But she’s not mad with Amber’s mother or father. In fact, she can see that Aunt Sarah is much more happy and fun now that she is no longer working those long hours like her parents were. And it looks like the extra time has been put to good use.
Despite the legal problems her family members are having to endure, there seems to be no happier place than the Barimen Estate. The extended family has become very close and they often get together at the Estate for parties and barbecues. Amber will often sit in awe as she listens to the stories they tell each other about how things used to be. For example, her great-great-great grandmother was killed by a car-bomb right her at this very house. How creepy!
And her great-great grandfather was an undercover secret agent for the government. And Great-Grandma Hope his half-Chinese!!
Like a sponge, Amber soaks in as much information as her little, eidetic mind can handle. It is both a blessing and a curse. She learns that among all the wonderful things she has learned and observed, there are some despicable things she sees as well. At first, she thought it was just a mistake that her math teacher, Mr. Dworkin, had given Billy Jones two test papers instead of just one.
Billy is a trouble-maker. And his family has no problems stepping on toes or stealing the shirt off a sim’s back to get ahead. Billy has been bragging pretty loudly about his grades, and his upcoming transfer into an exclusive private school. The only thing, is that Amber knows Billy isn’t quite as smart as he would like everybody to believe he is. The second time it happens, a week later, Amber is sure that Mr. Dworkin is nervous when he hands Billy the two papers. Of course, Billy made an A on both tests.
When Amber sent an anonymous email to the school principal, inviting her to visit the classroom to discourage cheating, she did so feeling that she had fulfulled her moral obligation; but also feeling that the principal would never actually respond. She certianly did not believe that the principal would come into the room, just as Mr. Dworkin was handing out test papers. Or worse, catch Mr. Dworkin giving Billy an answer sheet along with his math test.
Amber sits in her chair, her heart sinking, as the principal calls for an assistant to continue adminstering the test – minus Billy and Mr. Dworkin. The next day, when she learns that Mr. Dworkin had been dismissed, Amber cannot help but feel responsible. Amber makes a decision that it is time to put her senses to work, and find the truth about what happened between her math teacher and Billy.
But of course, she has no way of knowing that by uncovering this one, tiny, little truth; she will begin to unravel a entire world of lies, secrets, and crimes that have gone unnoticed for generations.
And worse still, that once unraveled, they all tie to a single, well-known name – Barimen.

5 thoughts on “Chapter 7.2 – Truth

  1. Another cliffhanger huh? I have to admit, you’re good at those hehe. I can’t wait for your next update .. this is driving me crazy Ha ha! 🙂

    Love the writing style and story plots!
    Auburn Legacy
    New chapter on my blog, so if you want to comment … 😉


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