Chapter 2.25 – Babies

David has the weekend off and spends it with Ciara, making up for much lost time.
Their bond is reforged easily, as they pick up right where they left off many years ago. Like David, Ciara also loves the outdoors, so they spend their first day together hiking to the remote areas of Sunset Valley. The conversations all seem to focus on family. She tells him that she wants to fill up the house with babies; which he takes as a not-so-subtle hint that she’d like him to get things moving.
When David visited France, he had purchased a very unique, antique diamond ring along with gifts for Bebe and Yuki. David had every intention of proposing to Ciara on the spot. He obviously never had the chance to do so, but he had kept the ring with diary she gave him at the church. As dusk approaches, David suggests they head home, and manages to steal a kiss; the first they had shared since they were both teens.
After eating dinner with Bebe and cleaning up, David walks with Ciara to her bedroom. They chat for a short while before David finally builds up enough courage. Proposing to Kacey had been much easier. Maybe he knew, in the back of his mind, that it was not going to work out. He swallows the lump in his throat and shows her the antique ring he bought in France. He places it on her finger and tells her that he never wants to be apart from her again. As often is the case between them, words are not necessary as she accepts his proposal with a long embrace.
They waste no time in getting plans together for a wedding party. They take less than a week preparing the house and inviting guests. Most if it is done while both David and Yuki are out for the day, leaving Ciara and Bebe alone. Ciara thinks back to the night she called Bebe from Africa, after walking miles to the nearest phone. Her world had been turned upside down yet again, and Bebe was there to help her pick up the pieces. She thanks Bebe for listening through her panic, and for the money she sent to fly Ciara from Africa to France, and then to Sunset Valley. Bebe tells her that she had met her own true love once, and that she felt honored she could help bring she and David back together.
In no time at all, the day of the wedding arrives. Ciara emerges from a day-long “hair and makeup” session with Yuki amid a flood of compliments from the guests. The ceremony takes place in the living room with friends and family in attendance. David can hardly believe it is real. It had only been a short, few weeks since Kacey vanished from his life and it seemed like his outlook was bleak. Now, in a matter of a just a few days, his entire future had been decided.
The pair take their place at the front of the room to speak the vows they had somehow always known would be exchanged.
The room fills with emotion for David and Ciara as they promise to be forever faithful to each other. It had been such a long and tiring journey for both of them. And with the past now behind them, they start upon the next long journey. But this time, they will do it together.
The celebration lasts late into the night. David finds his old friend from childhood, January Donner. Jan had spent a lot of time with him in the cabin, and they reminisce about those simpler days and talk about their fond memories of Reid. Bebe sees her and compliments her successful career and family. As they continue to talk, both Bebe and David notice that the romance from earlier has evidently spread. Yuki is not far off from becoming an adult herself, and David reminds Bebe of this with a gentle hand on her shoulder.
After the last guests leave, and both Bebe and Yuki are asleep, the newlyweds escape to David’s bedroom. David’s anticipation for this moment had been building to a point where it had become almost unbearable. But the wait proves to have been very worthwhile, as they finally join together and begin the enjoyable task of producing the next generation.
In just a few weeks, Ciara gives David the exciting news that their first child is on the way. David feels her tummy and talks to the child growing inside of her. His medical experience has given him some insight into the mechanics of unborn sims. Without spoiling the surprise for either Ciara or Bebe, David learns the gender of their first child. David walks away whistling, leaving Ciara wondering what he is suddenly so happy about.
But he gives nothing away while casting his line into the pond behind the house, contemplating which fishing spots he will show his boy first.

4 thoughts on “Chapter 2.25 – Babies

  1. I was worried you weren’t going to let us onto the child’s gender in this chapter, glad you did! Ciara looked wonderful for her wedding, very charming.


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