Chapter 2.24 – Homecoming

A week has passed since Bebe spoke to David about her visitor, and David is happy to see his mother so energetic.
Bebe has not been the same since Julian’s death, but he can see the sparkle in her eyes return as she works to get a spare bedroom ready for her house guest. David has been assuming her guest was either an old boyfriend, or would-be boyfriend. Bebe’s amusement is evident when she reassures him that it is nothing of that nature, and that it is just an old friend who needs a place to stay. David knows his mother well enough to see that he is not going to get any more details from her while she is busy getting the room ready.
On the afternoon Bebe’s guest is set to arrive, David finds the house oddly empty. Yuki answers her phone and reports that she is with Joe. He has a younger sister that Yuki has also become close to, and she asks that since it is a Friday night, if she can spend the night. Having been a teenager not so long ago himself, he understands the temptations that come with the territory. Bebe has not allowed her to do this before, but he trusts Yuki. Besides, David has already put Joe on notice with mention of surgical removal of body parts should Yuki become pregnant. So he gives Yuki his permission, hoping that Bebe will be in a forgiving mood after her friend arrives.
As it gets later, David starts to worry, and calls Bebe to find out where she is. She answers the phone and tells him that she has been called about a commission painting, and will be home as soon as she can. Bebe tells him to let the guest in and to remember his manners if she ends up running late. He doesn’t know why, but he is suddenly nervous about having to entertain a complete stranger. As the evening passes, the inevitable arrival of Bebe’s guest draws nearer. And much to his consternation, Bebe is still not home when the doorbell rings.
David frowns as he washes up, and tries to think of some way to entertain this guest. He opens the door and is immediately surprised to find that Bebe’s guest is quite different than he had imagined. Her back is turned to him, and he stutters out an unintelligible greeting.
When she turns to face him, David recognises Ciara instantly. But his mouth refuses to utter the eruption of aggregated thoughts, questions, and feelings his brain has sent to it. Ciara’s chest heaves as she tries to decide whether to laugh or cry. She somehow manages both as she literally throws herself at David, nearly knocking him over.
They had always shared some weird unspoken communication, and it is put to work in overdrive. No words are needed as they study each other. It is just as well, as his brain tries to recover from the sudden surge of over-excitement. Simply by occupying the same space, they each manage to instantly fill the void that had been left behind by the absence of the other. Deciding that she had had enough with the gawking, Ciara attaches herself firmly to David. It had been too long since she allowed herself the luxury of being comforted. She looses herself in his arms and barely notices as he carries her into he house where they sit and talk.
They talk for along time. David tells her about Kacey and the night Reid attacked them in the mine. He tells her about Julian’s death and the legacy his grandmother left to him (Ciara notices he says “us”, but takes comfort in the slip, and says nothing). Ciara, in turn, tells him about Africa and her continued streak of back luck in seemingly everything but her mission work at the village. She had mislead him in France when she told him she was going to join others who had already left. In reality, she and her accident-prone tendencies were sent as far away as her superiors could find. But it was fine with her, because she felt her faith had called her to work in Africa, and she had the fire of passion about that work.
She accomplished great things and saved many children from starvation by simply establishing a crude shelter and serving donated rice and water. She taught the children to read and do math in a shanty hut, and secured an old war bunker to use as a trauma clinic. But as the years passed and the passion had eased, she felt empty and alone. She prayed earnestly, like she had the first weeks at the convent, asking why she felt so lonely.
And then an elderly nomad woman came from the desert and sat with her to eat. She remembers in very vivid detail their conversation. It was like the woman could see into her soul when she asked why Ciara was still in the village and not at home with the man she loves. She is not sure why, but she confided in the nomad, telling her that she left him to follow her calling. The woman praised her devotion, saying that she has been a blessing for the village.
But she repeated the question, asking why she had not gone home to be with him. Before Ciara had the chance to say anything, the woman stood up and placed her surprisingly warm hand on Ciara’s shoulder. As if responding to the answer Ciara had not yet spoken; the woman said something that would change Ciara’s life. She asks Ciara how it is that she listened obediently to her call to come here and help those who are suffering, but now seemed unable to hear the call to end her own. Ciara did not even wait for the old woman to leave before she was on her way back to France to resign her vows.
Both David and Ciara hear Bebe come in and go directly to her bedroom in silence. Bebe knew all along, David realizes. There are a million different things to say. But the words Ciara chooses next are the exactly the ones David needs to hear. In her shy, musical, and perfect voice, she tells David that she has come home …to be with the man she loves. It is late, and she asks to be shown her room. David knows then that things will have to progress in a proper fashion.
And he intends to waste no time.

7 thoughts on “Chapter 2.24 – Homecoming

  1. yaaay! 🙂 i think we knew all along this was going to happen. i like the scene between ciara and the woman; nicely planned.

    ciara is really pretty so i sense some pretty babies on the way! 🙂 😀

    great legacy! 😀

    duggers32. 🙂 x


  2. Awww…what a touching chapter, once again I love Bebe. ❤
    Ciara is really beautiful, I cant wait to see the future generation.
    It took some time, but they found each other again. This was really beautiful. <33


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