Chapter 2.23 – Boarder

David and Maria try to assemble something of a relationship in the days following their date at the bistro. But both eventually agree that it just isn’t written in the stars for either of them, and decide to keep things simple with the friendship they have built.
In the absence of having a girlfriend, David fills his time with studying medical journals and playing chess to sharpen his mind. He still has a tendency to get over-excited in tense situations, but his studies have taught him how to recognise when he’s getting antsy. As a result of his hard work, he has been rewarded with major promotions. He celebrates his climb to trauma surgeon with a party at the house. Yuki uses the excuse of “livening up” the event to invite a few of her own friends over. One of her newest friends, Joe French, seems to attract a bit more of her attention than the others. The party turns out to be the distraction from recent events they’ve all been needing.
David meets Chase Dempsey at the party. He was dragged to the party by his wife Hannah, who works with David at the hospital. He learns that Chase is also an angler. But what’s more, is that he is an officer at Fort Gnome and helped in David’s rescue from the mine. They strike up a conversation about their jobs, fishing, and the fairer sex. When the conversation shifts to the night of the rescue, David becomes very interested in hearing what Chase has to say.
He learns that after the rescue, the military had gone in and collected many of the artifacts and notes Reid had left behind. The mine has since been sealed by the military and the items collected have been classified Top Secret. Chase doesn’t have the clearance to get any of the details, and asks David what made the mine so important that would generate such interest from brass. David admits that he didn’t know much about what Reid was doing, other than he had been obsessed with the mine since they were children. David wonders out loud whether he had actually found something down there worth obsessing over.
Having nobody else to share this exciting discovery with, David corners poor Bebe after the party and bores her to tears with the information he has learned from Chase. Bebe listens politely and waits for David to finish. Before he goes off to bed, she asks him if she could bother him for a very big favor. Bebe has an old friend who has decided to move to Sunset Valley, but needs a place to live. She tells David that with Julian gone, the house is very quiet during the day and that the company of a boarder would be a very welcome change. Surprised, David tells her that she does not have to ask his permission for that kind of thing. But Bebe insists since the house is his now, that it is only proper for him to make the decision.
David feels uncomfortable telling his mother what she can or cannot do in her own house, but says he would love to have her friend live with them if it would make her happy. Bebe kisses him on the cheek and mentions what a “good boy” he is, adding that he’ll like her friend a lot. She didn’t say as much, but judging by Bebe’s nervousness, David suspects that her friend is an old flame of some kind. David smiles and wishes his mother a goodnight as he walks up the stairs to his bedroom.
David’s mind wanders back to his conversation with Chase Dempsey. When David was researching his genealogy, he found mention of some type of family business or craft. But every time he came close to discovering what it was, a missing record stopped his progress. In fact, the only records missing all seemed to contain clues that might have shed light on the subject. On the night of the attack, Reid mentioned showing David something his ancestors had found in the mine. Had Reid found the information before him and taken it? And why the military interest? David closes his eyes and tries to drift off to sleep, but the question that rattles around in his brain keeps him awake much of the night.
What did Reid find?

6 thoughts on “Chapter 2.23 – Boarder

  1. One it’s Ciara and Two the object Reid probably found is something priceless that would have made them all live forever or something. It’s whatever David’s offspring will get at the end of the legacy.


    1. Hmmm… interesting idea (your #2 guess, that is). I can see where you might draw that conclusion. But the monkey wrench I’ll throw into that theory is this: it has nothing to do with immortality or aging and it is not an object or item. 😉


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