Chapter 2.17 – Time

Author’s note: The time-crunch that happens during this post spans somewhere in the neighborhood of two or three years. It is key to understand that David is not doing well during this time.
David finds himself back home in Sunset Valley feeling unsure of what he should do next.
Ciara spent the better part of two days with him sightseeing. It was just like it used to be. But the time goes far too quickly for them to savor any of it. While David respects the conviction to her faith, he has some difficulty comprehending it. Her choice to sacrifice being together with David is difficult and painful, and she does not try to hide the distress it is causing her. She cries openly about it with him more than once during the vacation. But in the end, Ciara’s calling to save lives outweighs any suffering she feels for being seperated again from her soulmate.
Over the next weeks, David buries himself in his work at he Hospital. The promotions come slowly though, as David’s mood is usually not very good. He often visits his old friend Reid at his new house on the outskirts of town. He and Kacey have been the one constant in his life, even during the chaos of his father’s infidelity. The fact that Reid managed to find the one property in Sunset Valley closest to the abandoned mine, is a little odd. He has been obsessed over the mine ever since they were children. But listening to Reid go on about some wild coal-miner story beats sitting at home alone. Plus any excuse to spend time with Kacey helps to quiet his restlessness.
Reid has built a small science lab in his house, with geologic sonar, geothermal sensors, and seismic imaging devices lining the walls and floor. David jokes that his electricity bill must be murder, but Reid is too busy showing him the maps of underground complex he has extrapolated from his data. He asks Reid why he’s so interested in an old mine. He and Reid have been friends since childhood, and Reid had never given David the creeps; until now. Reid levels a cold glare toward David and in a nearly accusatory tone, says he knows EXACTLY why he’s so interested in it. Kacey’s nervous frown tells David there is something not quite right about Reid’s unusual pastime.
David enjoys the time he and Kacey have alone together. He appreciates how she calms him when he feels like his battery is getting over-charged. There are times when they are alone that temptation is almost overwhelming. But he knows patience must win out over his desires. So they find ways to divert their attention away from the situation. She is a good sport, and spends time with him walking around some of the most remote areas of Sunset Valley. He takes her to his secret fishing holes and shows her the breathtaking sights their home has to offer.
David returns the favor by spending time with her in her favorite place; surrounded by books. The one thing that keeps his spirits up is the research of his genealogy. He has gained a lot of knowledge about his ancestors, and their activities in Sunset Valley. It drives him crazy that as soon as he comes close to finding answers about the early settlers and what their “work” was, he would come across a missing journal entry, or records that could not be located in city hall. But with Kacey’s help, he has put together a nice family tree complete with biographical info and other vital records.
Time whittles away, as it is inclined to do, at his depression about Ciara and brings him closer to his future with Kacey. David is almost dreading the approach of her birthday. It was too distant to take seriously on the night she asked for an engagement ring, and he had neglected to give it much attention. He knows she will not be a welcome member of the family. David wonders why they dislike her so much, but never takes the opportunity to ask. There is only one certainty as the time draws nearer, his fondness for her has never been greater.
The weeks and months continue to pass David by, and eventually, the time comes for the Barimens celebrate Yuki’s birthday. The conspicuous absence of Reid and Kacey from the party comes as no surprise to David; but it upsets him regardless. Still, he is not about to ruin Yuki’s birthday by making a big deal about it.
He is amazed how well she has adjusted in school since her first encounter with the jerks that made fun of her. She has managed to assemble a large and varied set of friends. He laughs at the thought that he needs to ask her advice about making friends, since he seems to have so few himself. Her party is a huge success, and David finds himself having a lot of fun even in the absence of his two best friends.
After the party, Yuki spends a few minutes with David to thank him for being such a wonderful brother. She tells him that she missed seeing Kacey at her party, and asks if he knows why she wasn’t able to come. David congratulates Yuki, and complements the fun party. He says he missed seeing Kacey too, and will ask next time he sees her. And when he calls her moments after Yuki heads to bed, Kacey responds with the contrived excuse that she had forgotten.
Then, after what used to feel like an insurmountable mountain of time, the week of Kacey’s birthday finally arrives. But there is one other birthday to celebrate before Kacey comes of age.

4 thoughts on “Chapter 2.17 – Time

  1. Reid is evil looking. 0.0
    I love Bebe, its sad to see her getting old. She and Julian made a wonderful story together and life.

    I almost can feel Davids dreading of Kacey’s birthday. :[


  2. The build in tension between Reid, David and Kacey has been well done, I love how we can see it coming near its pinnacle in this chapter.


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