Chapter 2.4 – Upgrade

In the weeks that follow Julian’s indiscretion with Pauline, a parade of good news causes him to forget any guilt or remorse he has for cheating on Bebe.
The board of directors at the theater has approved his bid to buy enough stock to make him majority shareholder. With the commission he receives for convincing Pauline Wan to perform at the theater, Julian and Bebe finally have the leg-up they need to build their new home.
David has been spending more time at home. Both his best friends from school have grown to teenagers. This leaves him with a handful of kids he knows from school. But he has no real friends that can see past his living in a cabin the way Reid and Jan had. Nonetheless, David is an upbeat kid and his own birthday comes along soon enough.
The new house goes up quickly, and they have a lot of packing and cleaning up to do before moving in. Julian has designed a fishing hole for the back yard. David loves the idea, but at the same time is kind of sad to hear that the cabin will be razed. Julian and Bebe both agree that it is time to let go of the past.
David’s room is downstairs with a kitchen (with a stove!). There is a cozy reading room off of the kitchen and a workout room connected to a large bathroom. The entire upstairs is devoted the master suite. The furnishings are sparse, but that will change in time.
David, being the sentimental type (like is mother), decides to spend his birthday alone in the old cabin with only his mother and father. David understands that he enjoys a very unique situation with both his parents having so much time at home to spend with him. They have bought him a new laptop computer for his birthday, and he celebrates by chatting with his friends from school.
The big day finally arrives, and the new house is ready for them to move in. After living in the tiny rustic cabin for so long, the upgrade is almost a shock for them. It may not be a mansion in size and scale, but to the Barimen family, it is every bit as majestic.
And to top things off, the removal of the “cabin boy” stigma seems to have worked well in David’s favor …as he quickly makes new and more “intimate” friends.
Footnote: The rumor is that Pauline was so nervous about the audition that she couldn’t keep any food down, and was sick the entire morning during rehearsals. But her performance for the music industry big-shots is sensational. The music companies squabble over each other to be the first to sign her to a major contract. By the end of the day, Pauline is a multi-millionairess.

3 thoughts on “Chapter 2.4 – Upgrade

  1. Lovely home they now have, makes even me a little sentimental to see the old cabin left gone with all the memories attached to it. Its what brought Bebe and Julian together in the first place. ^^

    Glad to also see David adjusting just fine finally.


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