Chapter 2.3 – Negotiations

It seems like there are always those times in life when a single event can change what would have been just an ordinary day into a life-altering milestone.
The plan is simple enough. Just make contact with Pauline Wan, ask her to perform in front of a few music industry big-shots, then go back home to Babe. Unfortunately, its the simple plans that generally fail to account for the unexpected. And Julian does not expect Pauline to be quite so …”revved up”.
The first breech in his resolve happens when Pauline squeals with excitement about the opportunity and throws her arms around him. The second breech happens when he acknowledges how good it feels.
Pauline confesses that dumping Hank and letting him take their daughter was the best thing that ever happened to her. She would not have been able to come as far as she has with a husband and baby holding her back. So now, she has two favors to return. The third breech.
Julian is not a terribly strong-willed sim. But at least some credit should be given, seeing how he lasted beyond the first breech. But Pauline is a master flirt and she rarely fails to win a man’s heart when her mind is set. A few perfectly timed suggestive glances and an almost imperceptible, gradual movement closer busts through what remains of his resistance.
Gone are any thought of the consequences that might result. The protests of his sprouting conscience aren’t nearly enough to stop the momentum. It is happening; and there is nothing at this point that is going to stop it.
So the “negotiations” last throughout the evening.
And after much deliberation and debate, the terms are mutually agreed upon with a firm handshake. And the contract is signed.
Then all parties involved go into the early morning hours celebrating future success.

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