Chapter 1.20 – Insidious

Corwin has pulled off some pretty vile schemes before, but as insidious plots go, this one stands alone as an extraordinary achievement.
If he had a conscience, he might even feel bad about it. But things being as they are, he feels nothing but anticipation to watch the carnage unfold. It was almost too easy to remove Julian from the equation, albeit temporarily. The permanent solution will not be difficult, he only has to think of a creative method of implementation.
So many loose ends would be tied up tonight. First is his plan to own this land, which started so long ago with the seduction of that brainless twit. She inherited the land from a legacy of ancestors who were all seemingly ignorant about what they actually owned. He was careless, though, in his carnal enjoyment. The result was Julian; a kid whose infuriating, death defying ability to survive the most perilous situations, has postponed his ability to acquire the land for himself …until now. And his revenge against his son will be complete tonight, beginning with the destruction of this cabin by fire.
In all fairness, he could not take credit for the idea to torch the cabin. His wife rightfully deserved the credit for that. It was a convenient thing, that. She removed herself from the equation and also gave him the means to remove Julian’s insipid wife and child from said equation. It would have been far more convenient to have had Julian perish in the fire along with his mother, but it seems that even in death she was inept.
The thought of all the lost years, lost wealth, lost power …fuels the flames of his revenge. He is becoming an old man, but after tonight, he will live out the rest of his life in opulence. Completion is only a few steps away. And to be sure the fire completely destroys the cabin, Corwin has brought enough accelerant to burn down city hall.
In his mind, the deed is as good as done. There is nothing left in the way to stop him. But still, something suddenly seems very, very wrong. What is causing that light? He hasn’t started the fire yet… Chills run up and down his spine, causing him to shiver and stop in his tracks. Somebody else is here …but who?

5 thoughts on “Chapter 1.20 – Insidious

  1. Ok, I’m so glad that I’m coming to this legacy now. If I had read this chapter back when it was written I would have had to WAIT for what happens next. Hehe, I hate delayed gratification.

    BTW, awesome story!


  2. Thanks! I wrote this back on Sims3Legacy before it went belly-up.

    It looks like you do some really great work yourself, too. I shot you a friend invite on the sims3 EA site, in case you were wondering. It must have been pretty cool to become a featured contribuiter!


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