Chapter 1.16 – Family

Julian has finally saved enough lifetime happiness reward points for a “Mid-Life Crisis”. After the last entry, I figured it was as good a time as any. He dropped “Commitment Issues” and “Absent Minded” for Athletic and Charismatic.
Julian is a reinvented man. He remembers the first night in Sunset Valley sleeping on the lounge chair at the beach. His only desire was to profit from the cliff-side mansions. Nearly a year has passed since that time. While he continues to work at the warehouse, he no longer perpetrates robberies on his own time. He still works toward his goal of becoming a master thief, but it seems less urgent now that Bebe has “grabbed him by the horns”.
On the morning of his “adult” birthday, he and Bebe had consummated their relationship and conceived a child. She is now only days away from giving birth. And where he was once terrified of the concept of becoming a father, his fears have been somewhat subdued by Bebe’s reassuring nature. He knows she is going to be an excellent mother. But even with Bebe’s assurances, he continues to wonder about his ability.
Bebe is astounded with the change she sees in Julian. He has shrugged off a massive weight and become a new person. The darkness he carried with him has lifted like fog but his charm and wit are still present. She too has grown as a result of his change. She has changed her hair style to something much easier to manage. And her girlish innocence is slowly being replaced with motherly intuition. But there is still something missing. With the baby due any day, he has still not mentioned marriage. She does not wish for Julian to revert, so she takes whatever part of him he is willing to give.
Inevitably, the big day arrives. Julian, who is a jumbled knot of nerves, rides with Bebe to the hospital. He is present to witness the miracle of birth unfold as David Barimen is brought into the world. For the first time he can remember, he is truly thankful.
David’s arrival gives Bebe and Julian even more to fuel their growing relationship. They find the time they need together despite David’s demands, Julian’s night shifts, and Bebe’s career as an artist. He continues to gain promotions, but is quick to come home to be with his family. Her painting skill has been propelled to the next level as the two men in her life have inspired her work. It will only be a matter of time before she produces the masterpiece she dreams about.
There is only one thing missing, and Julian knows he has waited too long. But late is better than never, and he leaves a note for Bebe to meet him on the bluff when she wakes up. She knows immediately what he is planning, but holds back her emotions. She wants him to feel like he has completely surprised her. He has no clue how difficult it is for her, either. He is waiting for her, as nervous as a cat. It takes all she has not to burst. He gets on his knee, and asks if she will be his wife. She agrees through tears of joy. And then he actually does surprise her.
He starts telling her about his past. He talks about his mother, the cabin, and his memories of what happened after the fire. He talks about his father and how he was used by his father as tool to advance his “business”. He talks about his drifting from town to town, taking what he wanted and stepping on whomever got in his way. He talks about how his birthday was the most memorable, life-changing event that had ever happened to him. He confesses that he is not a good person, and that he still has much work to do before deserving the devotion she has shown him. But he gives his vow that no matter what, if she will have him, he will be by her side for the rest of his life.

4 thoughts on “Chapter 1.16 – Family

  1. Yeah… Wow Gwynnith, can you see into the future, as the sims say, “Apparntley hes really cute, but all babies look the same to me.” LOL!!! Joking! He is, he really is!


  2. It’s sweet to see how they are both changing and developing together. Each chapter introduces a new element of Julian’s personality, as well as managing a suspenseful tone throughout – his story is rather enjoyable to read!


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