Chapter 1.17 – Shadows

When a sim lives most of his life in the shadows, it is sometimes difficult to tell who, exactly, is in there with him. And when the time comes to emerge, it can be just as difficult to tell who still remains.
The problem with Julian’s line of work is that “friends” are really not that at all. Any relationships are temporary and symbiotic. And when the symbiosis is no longer beneficial, each goes their separate way.
And just as in nature, a mutually beneficial arrangement can turn into a one-sided affair, or worse yet, degenerate to a predator/prey relationship.
So while Julian may be fully willing to let go of the shadows; the shadows may not be so willing to let go of Julian.
 The one lesson Julian has never learned is that anything worth having never comes easily. It is a lesson he will get to know very well in short order.
Because confronting a memory is one thing. Confronting the real thing is a completely different matter. Even more so when the sim being confronted is one of the most feared figures in Sim City’s underground.
 And worse yet when he has a bone to pick.

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