Chapter 1.14 – Revelation

Much has changed since Julian’s revelation at the graveyard.
He left that night with a mental image that still haunts him. It is not of the reaper, or of his mother’s last moments. It is the memory of his father’s tarnished smile upon discovering his wife’s demise. It was nothing short of evil. But that, in itself, is not the issue. He had no control over his father’s actions. The thing most haunting him is the reailzation that with every passing town, he is becoming more like his father; self-gratifying, cold, and unfeeling.
He has lived his life drifting from place to place, taking what he wants without regard for any hardship his greed may cause others. He came to Sunset Valley and immediately drove Hank and Pauline apart for nothing more than the pleasure it gave him. The truth of it, is that he has already become his father. If something doesn’t change, the story will just be replayed right here, in the same place where his mother died. He owes it to his mother, to himself, to Bebe …to not let that happen
There are already too many paralells between he and Bebe, and memory of his parents. He spends his nights skulking around Sunset Valley fencing stolen goods, planning heists, and taking some of the valley’s most valuable items to be sold on the underground market. He has even sunk as low as stealing the floodlights from his neighbor to light his own front door. However, there is no disputing that he is one of the best in his business.
Julian has been promoted again at the warehouse. He is now a power player in the Sunset Valley underground and known for his ability to pull off just about any theft. But he dare not celebrate his success with Bebe. She is a woman of principle and stardards, something he admires and wishes he could share. But while he can work on some of his faults, there are some things, he realizes, that just can’t be changed.
He inspects a card Bebe has left for him on the table. She had painted the card by hand and signed with a lip-print and some hearts. She has spent much of her time painting and has become quite good, lately. When he was hired to steal her artwork from a collector, he elected instead to study every stroke, every detail, but leave it untouched. She has accomplished what nobody had come even close to. She has gained his trust, and as a result, his friendship.
Inside the card is a note for him to meet her on the bluff when he wakes up. He finds her just standing, not painting as he had expected. He can sense something is bothering her. Something big. Did she find out about the true nature of his work?
It seems that every day he spends with Bebe, he learns something more about himself. What he learns at this moment is that there are times that she mentally prepares herself to have him run out, like he did at the pool. She expects him to disappear when she discloses whatever is on her mind, and he scan see it has been causing her sorrow.
Things have cooled somewhat since his birthday. It is his own doing, of course. They sleep in the same bed, but rarely at the same time. In all honesty, not much has really changed as a result of his birthday.
Any awkwardness in their relationship is caused by him, he realizes. And he can feel the barrier between them, although they stand only a few inches apart. He makes an attempt at small talk, but she just isn’t interested.
Near the brink of tears, fearing what she hopes will not happen, she tells him about her doctor’s visit. And tells him about the child she is carrying; their child.
For who knows what is good for a man during his lifetime, during the few years of his futile life? He will spend them like a shadow. For who can tell a man what will be after him under the sun? – Eccl 3:12

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