Chapter 1.13 – Illness

Bebe just isn’t feeling herself.
Her normal workout has been cut short over the past few days as fatigue sets in much sooner than normal. Parts of her body hurt that ought not hurt, and it begins to concern her.
To make matters worse, her daily visit to her parent’s house has become more stressful now that her dad has become an elder. His mind, which was put together wrong to begin with, is slipping even more. Her mother also suffers from her own brand of insanity, making the visits even less enjoyable.
It is in Bebe’s nature to take care of them, though. In reality they are getting along just fine without the help. But they are always glad to see their daughter, if only warn her about the impending insect uprising or share the latest defenses against alien mind-control beams.
But a mother’s instinct trumps all (even the government’s invisible hover-cameras watching them), and Dorie sees that something is wrong . Bebe admits that she has not been feeling well, and that her stomach has been staging its own uprising.
Dorie is concerned about more than just Bebe’s not feeling well. She had moved in with Julian Barimen, who is suspected for the recent rash of thefts of things ranging form lounge chairs to expensive sports cars. She knows that Bebe is a kind and good-natured person and worries that at only twenty, she is too naive to see through the older man’s charm.
Bebe’s dash to the bathroom to empty the contents of her stomach cements Dorie’s resolve to take her daughter to the doctor and see what’s going on with her. Although Bebe protests, she goes along knowing that something is not quite right.
Bebe pees in a cup, gives a few vials of blood, and answers some uncomfortably probing questions. After a short wait in the reception area, the doctor calls Bebe and Dorie into her office.
The bad news is that Bebe is dehydrated and undernourished. Bebe explains that not having a stove at the cabin means eating cereal and cold soup for most meals. The doctor scolds her and states that it is unacceptable for a woman in her condition. She needs daily vitamins and warm,  healthy meals to feed both her and her unborn child.
Bebe sits in dismay as she digests the doctor’s last few words. Her unborn child… It makes perfect sense, but the shape of her future begins to melt right in front of her. Julian had made so many incredible victories over his fears; but this…
There is only one way to find out what kind of man he really is, she decides. And silently, she prays for that miricle she knows is being saved for the cabin on the bluff.

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