Chapter 1.10 – Surprise

When Bebe first did her research on the house, she uncovered Julian’s birth records. His birthday, for some reason, was one of those unusual things that just stuck. At one time it might have been useless knowledge. But for today, it turns out to be a blessing.
Julian’s night shift ends in the early morning hours while Bebe is asleep. But tonight, she makes an effort to stay awake so that when he gets home, she can surprise him with a birthday cake. But Julian is some weird kind of silent, and when she gets out of bed to look out the front window for him, he is already fast asleep on the sofa.
Julian is somewhat disgruntled for being woken up, but his protests are quickly silenced when Bebe returns from the refrigerator with his birthday cake. He is immediately dumbstruck and searches for something to say, but cannot find anything. She tells him that his birthday was one of those crazy things she learned and always remembered.
Weeks earlier, Julian would have walked out the door and never looked back on Sunset Valley. He can feel the panic swelling, but his feet are cemented to the floor. This is the first time anybody had remembered, or even had been around for his birthday. And that was how he wanted it, right?
She fixes her gaze on him, like she had done countless times since they first met. All this time he has been misinterpreting it as some kind of passive-aggressive attention-getting scheme and therefore had been ignoring it. But tonight, right now, he finally understands.
She was looking for some reaction, any emotion at all, something remotely genuine. And he evidently had given the thing away, because she smiles immediately as the thought crosses his mind. Before he knows what is happening, they are embraced in a very enjoyable hug. Then, in a whisper, she wishes him a Happy Birthday.
Bebe cheers him on while he stares at his cake with some hesitation. A glace over his sholder validates that this is not some dream.
Julian considers his wish carefully …and he surprises himself with the result. And what happens next can only be bespoiled with words.

8 thoughts on “Chapter 1.10 – Surprise

  1. Aww, it’s romantic in a dark sort of way. I’m really glad cause man, that sexual tension was BUILDING. And I love that shot threw the window, by the way. Looks like something straight out of a movie.


  2. I love the way Julien slowly finds himself tied to his home and Bebe. I have to say I’m a bit jealous of Bebe too. Julien has that loner bad boy personality that I’m a sucker for.


  3. Aww….your right, the pictures were enough. Im so happy that Julian is opening up to her and noticing pretty Bebe. ^^ I just hope nothing happens to spoil it, nnd send his spiraling back down into him.


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