Chapter 1.11 – Clutter

What I have been trying to convey with Julian is this battle of the mind against the heart. Many times we experience this same thing in our own lives; going with what we want rather than what we need.
Every home has that one place where all the “junk” is tossed. Sometimes it’s a drawer. Some folks need a whole closet. While others still, fill up an entire garage with junk. The problem comes when it’s time to find that one thing among the clutter.
Julian’s memories have been treated much like that somewhat-important might-be-useful-later stuff. The issue, it seems, is that finding the bits he wants would mean having to sort through the whole unruly mess. A better man might be up for the challenge. But alas, Julian is not such a man. So the bits he searches for remain buried. For the time being, the memories of his latest birthday have not been so relegated, and still sit in the forefront of his mind.
The panic he felt to leave Sunset Valley has subsided, but his desire to hit the mother-lode by selling off that land has not. Regardless of what happened the other night, Julian has no intentions of sticking around for long. Still, his confusion about Bebe and his conflicted emotions surrounding her are beginning to deepen his anxiety. How had she managed to reel him in so easily?
He has tangled with some of the best con-artists, grifters, hustlers, swindlers, and seductresses but has never once been suckered. What was her angle? Is she gaming him for his inherited property? Is the seemingly simple girl really some kind of gold-digger?
He decides that he needs to work on how to keep Bebe from getting his guard down so easily. Shutting sims down had never been a problem for him. He has no reservations about taking care of himself at the expense of others. It is what he does best. But just the thought of hurting Bebe makes him sick to his stomach. And it is making him crazy.
So what makes her so different? Perhaps it is the irresistible doe-eyed expression she regards him with. …or the smell of the air after she walks past him. Or it could be the unique shape of her mouth …and those lips …that smile …those legs. He continues down this line of thought, and soon, without realizing it, has gone from a jog to a full sprint making his way to the far end of town.
Spent from his run, Julian shifts his attention from the mental checklist of Bebe’s finer qualities and finds himself at the graveyard. Fishermen had long rumored of a particular kind of fish that swims in ponds near graveyards. It is something, Julian decides, he just might be willing to check out…
Another problem with a closet full of junk, is that sometimes the closet door bursts open…
…and you get beaned on the head with a bowling ball.

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