Chapter 1.3 – Revenge

Julian spends a few hours in the Sunset Valley jailhouse while he’s processed for burglary by the local do-good-er, Hank Goddard. Afterwards, he scopes out the museum for his next gig.
This gives him time to try and figure out where he had made a mistake. But more importantly, it gives him time to build up a lot of negative vibes toward Hank. Being nabbed from work was a huge embarrassment, and Julian had to reestablish his credibility within the mob. And he already had the perfect plan.
Hank and his fiance, Pauline Wan, live directly across the street from the beach. Pauline was home alone while the flatfoot boyfriend worked his beat.
Now, while Julian has some serious commitment issues, he still enjoys the company of the opposite sex; and he has perfected the art of finding the ones who are attracted to scoundrels. It does not take long for the Barimen charm to win her over.
Julian continues through the afternoon smooth talking Pauline. He is quite skilled at deception and the art of the con game. So when the time comes for Hank’s shift to end, Julian makes sure that the scene is properly set to achieve the desired effect.
Ashamed but aroused, Pauline doesn’t seem to be too concerned about being caught with Julian. Eventually, Hank cannot sit quietly by any longer and asks Julian to leave. But Julian has a few parting shots to take, and warns Hank that he has not yet fully paid for the embarrassment he has caused…
…and declares Hank his mortal enemy.

9 thoughts on “Chapter 1.3 – Revenge

  1. I love stories that include Pauline and Hank, they’re a love-story gone wrong just waiting to happen. Great beginning so far, I enjoy how your writing style includes some of your personal views on the situation as well as your sims’.


  2. This is shaping up to be perhaps one of the most interesting Legacies I have ever followed. I’m sorry it took me so long to find it but I am glad I did! — C


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