Chapter 1.4 – Throwback

News travels pretty fast in a small town like Sunset Valley. And before long, Julian the drifter had every ear buzzing with gossip.
But the news isn’t all bad for him. Promotions within the mob have come easily as a result of his brazen exploits, and he now works at night; switching between the public pool and the beach to sleep the day away.
Bebe, a regular daytime visitor to the pool, seems to have taken an unusual interest in Julian. She is somewhat younger than him, probably just emerging from her teens. It wasn’t an attraction thing, he decides. Rather, the young woman seemes to have some pressing question to ask, but is either too shy or too afraid to ask. So Julian, being neither shy nor afraid, approaches her.
Although he has no use for the baggage of relationships, he is quite charming toward most sims, and he often seeks to impress with his tales of daring-do. Bebe seems to warm up to him quickly enough, and she decides to test her courage. What she doesn’t realize is that her question is about to catch Julian compeltely, totally, and utterly off guard.
As a child, Bebe’s favorite place to play was near an abandoned cottage on a mountain bluff that overlooked the ocean. She would daydream about living in that cottage sourrounded by beautiful mansions and crashing waves below. So she researched the property to learn more about it, in hopes of maybe one day realizing her dreams.
What she discovered was that some years ago, there was a couple who had lived in the small cabin on her bluff. Very little was known about them, other than they had a single child together. The exact details were sketchy, but it was said that the mother died when the boy was very young and that the father and son abandoned the cottage and disappeared from Sunset Valley. As it turns out, the boy’s name was Julian Barimen, and her cottage on the bluff belongs to him. Was HE that same Julian?
The question itself is simple enough. Julian’s response, however, leaves much unanswered.

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