Chapter 1.1 – The Challenge

Creating a story for Julian was a lot of fun. The Challenge rules of random character traits gave me virtually no chance of conceiving a predetermined back-story. Everything had to be done after his creation. He ended up with the following traits – Commitment Issues, Daredevil, Angler, Kleptomaniac, and Absent Minded. Not a great mix of personality traits.
I immediately paired the Absent Minded and Fishing traits to form a character flaw. Julian loves fishing. He loves it so much that it preoccupies his mind most of the time. He will forget what he is supposed to be doing as he daydreams of being on the water. Fishing will come into play, metaphorically, later in Julian’s life.
The other three traits form the driving force behind Julian’s character. He distances himself from any and all who seek to befriend him, leaving an empty and lonely void in his life that he tries to fill with thrill-seeking. Part of the exploration into Julian’s story will venture into the reasons for his fear of commitment.
As is required by the Legacy, Julian purchases the designated lot. But I prevent him from entering it. He is a newcomer to town, and as a drifter, he lives out of hand and sleeps wherever he finds a comfortable chair. For the first few days in Sunset Valley, Julian spends his time fishing on the beach and eating vegetables taken from local gardens.
But soon, the lure of easy money and the riches of the surrounding mansions call to him, and he begins to make connections in the criminal underworld. As much has he would love to spend the days doing nothing but fishing, his greed drives him to get to work …setting into motion a series of events that will change his life.

5 thoughts on “Chapter 1.1 – The Challenge

  1. Hahaha! I like your writing style. Its different and intriguing. I also find it cool that you randomized even your founding sim’s traits. I think by doing that not only have your made the game more challenging, but interesting (especially since poor Julian has some less-than-admirable traits…a.k.a. Commitment Issues). ^-^ Good luck with it!!


  2. Lolz, those are a handful of traits Julian has got there. I havent seen many stories that cater to such ‘undesirable’ traits, Im wondering how it will play out for our founder.


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