Chapter 1 – Julian

Meet Julian.
He’s lived his life, thus far, moving from town-to-town. Never staying long enough for roots to hold means there are no sims he can call “friend”. This suits him well, though. In his mind, there is nothing to hold him down, nobody to be accountable to. But the truth of the matter, is that there is not much about Julian to like.
He’s a scoundrel, thief, petty criminal, and letch; an opportunist of the worst kind. Had Julian been smart about his “skills”, he would have acquired a small fortune. But things being as they are, Julian’s mind is preocupied most of the time with his one true love – fishing.
Julian had heard through the grapevine that “Sunset Valley” was a bumper crop of wealthy homes just waiting to be harvested. And so the unsuspecting, quiet town on the ocean gains a new resident.
But what remains unknown to Julian, is that he has come full circle, and he will be forced to reconcile with his past and confront the fears that feed his demons.

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