“Hello and welcome!”

These are words you might expect to hear when taking a short break while driving through some barely-inhabited, rural countryside and stumbling upon a tiny town consisting of a gas station, a diner, and a motel. Compared to the massive Internet filled with modern, urban wonders, zoxell.com is much like that quaint, innocuous, rural town. We’ll get a visitor every once in a while. Some may try a cup of coffee. Others may stay and sample the scratch pecan pie. Occasionally, we’ll have a guest stay for a bit and relax in a room at the motel. It’s not very fancy, but it is clean and comfortable. Whoever you may be and wherever you may come from, feel free to leave a comment about what brought you here!

Our origin story is rooted in a Legacy Challenge trend popular among players of EA’s The Sims several years ago. The video game series offers interesting sandbox interactions revolving around life simulation but sometimes lacks a bit of focus to remain entertaining. These legacy challenges gave players a goal – keep a Sims household going for ten generations and tell their story in a blog. Some challenges awarded points for achieving certain difficult milestones in-game. This blog started on the now-defunct Sims3Legacy.com and then migrated here.

The Barimen Legacy is a completed story that follows the adventures of a virtual family in the Sims 3 through ten generations. It is a variation of the legacy challenge where the story eventually became more important than the challenge itself. After completing the Barimen Legacy, the blog sat idle until I again picked up the Sims 3 to continue Moira McAllister’s story in Paradise with Thunderstorms. It was an ambitious project with a very complex story waiting to be told. It was too ambitious for me to complete, as it turns out. I still have the story brewing in my mind, so it may eventually see the light of day. If it does, it will be in a different format and not based on the Sims 3.

Lately, I have discovered the world of 3D rendering using Blender and Daz Studio. I’ve picked up story-telling again to share the tale of a post-apocalyptic heroine named Cedar in a serial entitled Hinterlands Cedar. Her story is uniquely mine, but the world where she lives is inspired, in part, by a few books I’d read as a kid. Cedar’s story fuels my inspiration to create 3D art – and the art, in turn, inspires the story. It’s a win-win. I may pop out of character with a post to share new techniques or skills I’ve learned in Daz or Blender.

Finally, I’ve also caught the itch to develop a visual novel in Ren’py using renders from Daz3d. It is a massive undertaking, requiring thousands of rendered images and numerous animations. It will literally take years for me to complete. However, it will sharpen my programming skills and provide yet more inspiration to continue building my skill set as a digital artist.

As for myself, I am a fifty-something father of six kids and working toward thirty years of being married to my best friend. I am a programmer by profession and spend a lot of my time volunteering with youth organizations. I am unapologetic in my traditional beliefs on many topics. You may find religious themes and commentary on traditional values but I endeavor never to come across as preachy or condescending. We each have our own ways, and that’s fine by me.

I started my life-long gaming hobby with Dungeons and Dragons when I was twelve. It has been the one thing I have always enjoyed. I played pen-and-paper games well into the ’90s until our second child was born. Gaming nights just weren’t possible anymore. So my wife and I began to play video games to fill the gap. She’s more of a puzzle and word game fan and enjoys competing against others online. I lean more toward RPG-type games. I began with The Sims but found a group of storytellers who contributed to numerous PBEM games. I did this for many years but eventually got sucked into The Sims 2 and, inevitably, the world of MMORPG. I played City of Heroes for a few years and then Fallout 4. City of Heroes has enjoyed a resurgence over the past couple of years and I can be found, these days, hanging out with my wife on the Homecoming servers.

I welcome feedback of all sorts, both good and bad. I’m reminded of an old kitschy decoration hanging on the wall in my childhood home,

Although you’ll find our house a mess
Come in, sit down, converse
It doesn’t always look this way
Sometimes it’s even worse 

10 thoughts on “About

  1. I’m so glad you were able to save your legacy!! I’ll probably be doing the same within the next week or two. I just need to re-write everything.

    In the meanwhile, I need to get up to date with your Family Legacy!! Yaaay! ^-^

    – D


  2. Oh jeeze, I wasn’t able to save a single thing from my legacy. D: So, I’m more or less taking my last one and rewriting it from scratch (same character traits however, I found him to be the most intriguing of the ones I’d created) and I’m looking forward to reading the rest of your legacy! 😀


  3. Hey Zoxell! I just started a Sim survivor story if you wanna check it out:

    It’s still under construction but let me know what you think and add it to your blogroll if you like it please!

    Thank you!


    p.s it’s so cute that you and your wife play video games together ❤


  4. Haha. Yeah, I married a georgous gamer chick who loves PvP. Does it really get any better than that? She used to kick my butt in City of Heroes, and now does so in Champions Online. 😛

    Thanks for the feedback, and I’ve got you blogrolled. So much creativity from the Sims3 community! I love it!


  5. Hey zoxell,

    Thanks for reading and commenting on my current blog. I’m really glad you enjoyed it.

    It is so nice to see another Christian gamer/writer! I really hate how my characters seem right now – the language they use isn’t something I enjoy. But I plan to bring my beliefs into their lives at some point, and I want the change that occurs to shine ever-the-more brightly!

    Keep writing – your blog is great, I cannot wait to read more.

    God Bless,



    1. Thanks bro! And I am likewise thrilled to see another Christian gamer! Your story absolutely rocks, and I’m really looking forward to more.


  6. Zoxell,
    As the most devoted reader to the Delaney family, I regret to inform you that I will not continue writing their story. I simply do not have a feel for them anymore nor did I have a clue as to where to take their story. I am still writing and have a DITFT challenge started: http://banf.wordpress.com

    I will continue to read the Barimen legacy and it’s your story that prompted me to start writing in the first place. So I just wanted to say thanks. Thanks for creating the Barimen family and thanks for inspiring me to try and become a better writer.

    – Deeds / Morbid_Mew


  7. Hi there Zoxell. I found your site under the Belgravia Legacy. And of course I snooped around in the About section. First of all, congratulations on your new baby. And then I’d like to say, it’s great to ‘meet’ a Christian gamer/writer. Feels like they are so rare these days.

    I don’t know much about your site, so I will head over and make myself familiar with it. Best regards, Jed


    1. Thanks for the visit and kind comments! I’ll be sure to add your site to my links, and hopefully have some “free time” to start reading other writers’ blogs.


  8. Hey there! Thanks for linking my page…I didn’t expect it. I’ve been reading your legacy and I really like it! I didn’t have much time to read all of it (I’m still at Mark Barimen) but i check in once in a while. I just saw your post about your new baby.
    Well congratulations Zoxell family! He is a beautiful boy. Looks like God likes your way of parenting since he blessed you with another baby. 🙂
    Greetings, Jedidiah


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