Michelle Character Concept

Once complete, the “Nash Must Learn” project will be a visual novel with branching subplots containing information needed to resolve the larger plot. Relationships will not be handled in “tracks” or “routes” but will progress naturally as one might find in real life. The story will be event-driven in the sense that the reader will be able to direct Nash to experience planned or surprise events. Where Nash goes, who he meets, and his decisions and reactions along the way will all impact how the story progresses. Michelle is one of several main characters that Nash will be able to interact with. I’ve been working on Michelle’s character design and thought I would share a proof of concept.

Readers meet Michelle at the beginning of the story and learn quickly that she possesses a forceful personality, a short temper, and a quick wit. She is tough and aggressive, career-minded, and prefers intimacy without attachment.

Michelle, Nash, and another character, Paul, attended college and Police Academy together. They also serve as police officers together at the same precinct. Nash and Michelle have some history that, at the beginning of the game, still hasn’t been resolved. Their “history” seems to be causing friction among co-workers and Michelle vents to Paul about how to diffuse the situation. Nash must learn about Michelle’s past to successfully uncover clues that will help him solve the overarching mystery.

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