Barimen Legacy 2012 in Review

Dear Barimen Legacy readers,

Please allow me to take a few moments to thank those who have helped to make the Barimen Legacy something more than just a blog. Your continued interest and wealth of positive support and feedback has been instrumental in keeping the story going. And for that, I thank you!

For me, the commitment is not a trivial one. I have five kids already, with another little one due in March. I volunteer many hours between the Scouting program and my church. And I find it to be hugely important that I spend quality time with each of my children. Oh, and of course, there’s my actual job (you know, that work thing). Somewhere in the middle of all this, I manage to squeeze out a post or two a week and play the Sims.

At your leisure, please enjoy this short annual report provided by the generous folks at WordPress. Thank you again and Happy New Year!

Barimen Legacy 2012 Annual Report





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